What do you guys think about playing more than one table.

I currently play 6 and always have people complain that im taking up seats. Have i done anything wrong.

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i have no problem with folks playing more than one table,unless they are holding the game up

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Ahh, thats nice to know

I don’t have any problem with players multi tabling. I’ve only multi tabled 2 tables once. (I’m not great at multi tabling / multi tasking lol.)

I don’t think multi tabling 6 tables is to much as long as you can keep up with everything going on.


6 tables is too much for me, especially when your getting bounced around tables during MTT’s every 5 minutes.

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Go for it… you are 6x smarter than I!!! lol

Lol. Too much multitasking for me Fin :blush:

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I watch a players’ clock go around and i’m curious if they are considering or off on another table

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Too hard to tell unless you have played at other tables with that player and notice a pattern of play.

Most times it’s just a matter of a bad connection. Happens to me sometimes when there is a strong storm but out of courtesy I say in the chat what is happening on my end so the players won’t think I’m being an arse lol

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Thanks for your response and your service. And by the way, I don’t think
anyone with a high rating should be able to play multiple tables.

I don’t know if this is multitabling. I logged in on my bedroom puter which is so slow that I cannot play a game on it, still I use my facebook account to log in here (someday this account will be faster and in a separate household) Collecting free daily chips then logging out. 19000 now.

I go do my dad’s puter and log in with his facebook acct. That is where I play (when mom and dad aren’t on their puter that is). That acct has 50 000 chips from winnings and daily presence. is this a crime? I never play against myself or use two accts for any measure. I just have them.

Sorry to latch on to your topic with mine. I tried 2 games at once, earned that badge, and lost at both. 6 is something. Think of 6 chess games at once. That’s how amazing you are. And your clock is ticking, so I don’t know why some people take longer than others, so I won’t be mad or anything. Good Luck

At least I can reply to my own posts

How many different accounts do you have and how many accounts in the the house do you log on here with ?

Oh, many… here are a few:


Please feel free to make them null and void.



Hahahaha, yup all the top 10 lol. Good to see you posting Scratch. Hope you’re feeling ok my friend.

Prayers outbound…


those are the two, and if Andykrav were removed I would survive as that puter is too slow for a game. I have to click I’m Back one minute after trying to click All In with pocket Aces. I may move out and put my puter first, or I can relocate kravpoker to a new household if I move from this one. My dad is in rehab and will probably not use it himself. I’d like to keep it though. I will not and can not run back and fourth between rooms to play with myself. I just have them.

hahaha, then you are a good player, but not the best, because you don’t have the greatest player that ever lived on this site and beyond. his name is yiazmat
he happens to be very handsome too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely! Correct that oversight immediately please…:rofl:


If im playing mtts, the most ill play is 2 as i have to concentrate more, but i was talking more in terms of ring games.