Levels & Achievements Feedback

@im_a_dog and @SunPowerGuru, y’know I actually like some of those badges … :stuck_out_tongue:

I am certain that you will find a solution to this matter, considering
that REPLAY is more professional than most software companies I deal
with on a professional basis.

Here is the original list of suggestions I’d sent in December…

  • Win a Tournament after being down to only x number of chips x number
    of times

  • Win x number of chips in one day, one week, one month, one year

  • Beat x number of higher rank players in a Tournament x number of times

  • Place in the Top 3 in a Tournament x number of times in a row

  • Win x number of hands in a row

  • Eliminate at least x number of players in a single Tournament x number
    of times in a row

  • Win with 7 or more different hand ranks in a Tournament x number of

  • Place in the top 3 in a Tournament without folding x number of times

  • Finish in all 1st - 12th places in x number of Tournaments

  • Win x number of Showdowns in a row

  • Win a Showdown against any player who’s holding a Straight or Better x
    number of times

  • Win a Showdown with only a High Card against 2 or more players x
    number of times

  • Win with an Ace High x number of times

  • Bet or raise in every betting round of a hand and win the pot x number
    of times

  • Fill an inside Straight x number of times

  • Win a showdown against a player who’s holding pocket Aces x number of

Keep up the good work!

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Badge ideas copyright 2017 SunpowerGuru, all rights reserved.

Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch and discuss licensing terms. Hahaha

Nah, use them if you like them, I release them to the poublic domain.

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Hopefully before the skill badges are here, ppl won’t “win 10 MTTs” when they win 1 ( just got my badge for that… while I have lifetime 10+ wins, I don’t have 10 wins since Badges were implemented, only 4 )… Sun, make sure you send me my royalties from “The Grrrrrr”… :kiss:

Yes dear. :blush:

Same thing happened to me with the “Win 1 and Win 10 Mtt” badges. When you win 1, it must trigger a historical search which doesn’t just look at wins since badges were introduced. I mean, the “Win 10 MTTs” one has to go look at your history, right?

And now we can add the Gone With The Wind Badge

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My 2 cents: I like the achievements, but they don’t seem to have any real value. They just happen naturally as I play, so it doesn’t really change anything. I don’t see any reason to go far out of my way to get one.

I like the levels too, but they need to be tweaked because the daily maximum and the fact that I seem to somehow reach that after playing for 20 minutes makes them kind of pointless.

Those two points are minor, but I have one big semi-related suggestion. If you do improve the ranking system (which I support), please, please! do not make the new system related to the volume of games someone plays. Right now the leaderboards/promotions all require someone to play a ton of games, which does not directly reflect skill. Even though chips can be bought or obtained from the daily bonus, the current ranking system does reflect skill (it is hard, but not impossible, to win 10m without actually being a winning player).

So, please do not make the ranking system something where someone who plays 350 tournaments a month is number 1 and Birba is number 2000 because we know that wouldn’t be right. The current tournament points system still rewards people who play a lot. From my experience, I actually think the current ranking system is a really good reflection of skill. Sometimes new players fly under the radar for a while or players buy chips and then lose them all immediately by playing above their skill level, but in general players in the top 50-100 are elite, top 400 are very good, top 1000 are good, top 4000 are solid, top 10,000 put in some effort, and below that are basically novices. This ranking system is useful at the tables to understand opponents, and while imperfect, holds true in 80-90% of situations. Granted, it favors ring players over tournament players (although new higher-stakes tourneys are helping with that) and there is chip inflation that puts the top ~25 way above the rest, but in general the current ranking system does work and maybe only needs some tweaking. If I suddenly were ranked 12,000 because I only play 8 hours a week I believe I would lose interest because winning my games would have no value.


All they really need to do to fix the current ranking system is stop counting bought chips. BOOM, all fixed.

I took me a year to claw my way into the top 1000. Yes, I did buy 375,000 chips my first week here so I could escape the madness of the lowest buyin MTTs, and yes, I have played a few hours of rings and a (very) few SnGs, but 99.9% of my chips came from MTTs.

Winning over 8 million in medium MTTs wasn’t easy. I would hate to lose my ranking, modest though it is, to a new system.

buying chip’s shold give you ranking because it help’s the site get better… and they get the money from it

Well now SPG, I never paid a dime. I clawed my way to 4.5m --including-- having to deal with the crazies… As a fellow MTT player we both know that the bonuses from the Leaderboards help alot building a bankroll. And… lets face it… without the leaderboards or promotions, I’d be bored with “just” MTTs.

Yeah, I actually don’t mind that buying chips improves rank because it is good for the site to encourage buying, someone would need to pay $1000 to get into the top 200, and people who buy chips lose them just as quickly if they aren’t good players. The high stakes rings are always being visited by players taking a shot. They and their chips usually last about 30 minutes.

That’s not the only reason I bought those chips, but it was one of them main ones.

When I was a kid, I had this pet turtle named Fluffy. As some of you may remember, Fluffy wasn’t really fluffy, but he looked kinda fluffy when wearing the little sweater Grandma had knitted for him. He almost always wore that sweater because when Grandma knits you something, you have to wear it, at least at our house.

Part of the “Fluffy” deal was that I had to take care of him and buy his food, take him for walks, clean up after him, and so on. Mom said this would teach me respawnability or something. (This obviously didn’t work, because I don’t respawn any faster when I get killed in Call of Duty)

So anyway, I got a paper route and started earning enough to pay for Fluffy’s basic needs. I would often duct tape my turtle to the brim of my hat and take him with me. He seemed to like being up there, and when my bike was going downhill, he probably thought he was running real fast, which turtles usually can’t manage.

I went over to the local turtle food shop on payday, and was quite dismayed to discover that the Purina Turtle Chow was quite expensive. I realized i could cut costs by buying the 50 pound “family” sized bag, but I didn’t have enough money for that, and resented paying 6.4 times as much per ounce for the biggest package I could afford.

I did some research and found out that wild turtles mostly eat bugs. Now Fluffy was never what I would consider “wild,” but I figured he might like some nice bugs too, so I decided to catch him some. After all, they were free, right?

My neighbor had a pile of boards on the side of his garage, and I reasoned that this would be a splendid place to do some bug hunting. So I got an old mayonnaise jar from mom, got her to help me poke some holes in the lid, and went over there. Sure enough, there were all kinds of bugs under almost every board!

I was concentrating so hard on catching bugs that I didn’t notice my neighbor Becky (not her real name) had walked up behind me. When she angrily demanded to know what I was doing, I jumped up so fast, my head started spinning. I’m not afraid of girls or anything, I just didn’t expect her to be there, you know?

When I showed her the jar of bugs, her eyes got as big as pool balls, and she ran off screaming, like she usually did. Her dad came out a minute later, and when I explained what I was doing, he said it was OK, but that I should have asked him first. It was kinda sad, because Becky (not her real name) wouldn’t even look at me for a whole month.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re talking about free-to-play poker sites or turtle food… there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s usually better to pay for the things you really want.

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I agree, the way the ranking works now is just fine.

SPG - you missed your calling as a writer. You have the makings of a great children’s book here. I used to have a comic-book company (retail, wholesale, distribution and publishing) but that has been mostly dormant for a few years. I bet I could still reach out to a dozen artists who would love to illustrate it for you if you ever decided to go ahead with it. In fact, I probably could be persuaded to publish it. Just something for you to think about, or not.

Becky (not her real name) and I were just talking about that last night. I’ll have to give the idea some more thought.

We looked through some old pictures, but have yet to find one of Fluffy. I know I have some though. We did find one of Becky (not her real name) running away like she always did…

Becky (not her real name)

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Just curious, what is your win %? Do you think it should it be considered in ranking.

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My stats say pots won 12%, but that doesn’t mean much to me.

My stats also say…

Flops seen: 24,647
While not paying blind: 11,426
Pots Won: 12% (8,499)

Also, I almost always play medium MTTs. I win (1st place) between 4% and 5% of the tournaments I enter. I don’t keep track of cashes or final tables.

Ideally, I would like to see each player have 3 ranks: one for ring, one for SnG, and one for MTTs. SnG and MTT ranks could be based on ROI.

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Not sure if a known issue, but I noticed today that the shark achievement didn’t pop. I passed it a while ago. The next level achievement worked fine.

Very strange! Since you’re at level 44, you definitely should have received the Shark badge. I just activated it for you, but we’ll look into why it didn’t trigger correctly. Thanks for letting me know!

Hey Sun,
I think I found that picture you were looking for (not really Becky or Fluffy). :stuck_out_tongue: