New Achievements

What’s the deal with the new achievements, and perhaps more specifically, why do they not reflect actual history of events that have happened in the past? (especially for the things that Replay retains history for)

You can look in my hand history/best hands and see that I’ve had 4 royal flushes, but is that achievement lit up? Nope. I’ve had probably dozens of str8 flushes total, is that one lit up? No. Wins with quad A’s Quad Q’s, 77, KK, calling down with A-hi or worse and winning, getting bubbled out of a tournament. Done them, but the system doesn’t recognize them. Do I need to drop and re-add my avatar to get that one to show up?

I’ll leave it to someone else to argue whether the achievements have any value in the first place, but I guess my point is if you go to the trouble to include them, what is the point of highlighting “achievements”, if the system doesn’t actually recognize the people that have actually achieved them.


Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to get the “On the Other Hand” achievement :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, my best guess is that they are just gradually checking who has achieved which ones of the new achievements already. I’ve first received the RPOS Champion achievement and a couple of hours later the achievements related to the number of hands played.


That’s ok, posting this as a new thread was my cynical attempt to get the “Making Waves” acheivement :smiley: :highfive:


some of these I don’t have time for so I’ll never get them. some are ridiculous, like refer 30 friends.

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i got my nice pic achievement just by changing my profile pic.

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They do. You get chips awarded to your bank along with the achievements. Pile em on :+1:t2:

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Yeah, I have been getting bunches of these over the last week or so. Most were meaningless to me, like “Log in 7 days in a row,” which is about as impressive as the “Wake up 10 days in a row” achievement.

Two of them did catch my eye though…

The first was for playing 250,000 hands. I forget what this one was called, probably, “Get A Life” or something along those lines, but it marks a milestone of sorts anyway, and I must admit that I was ever so mildly pleased to see it.

The second came as a complete surprise. I mean, let’s face it, I have had perfect hair since day 1, and that’s over 6 years of hair perfection. So now, all of a sudden, I get the “Perfect Hair” achievement?


At first, I was taken aback by the fact that the award featured an image of me, but then I thought about it, and… well, who else has such perfect hair? Nobody, that’s who, so it all makes sense once a fella thinks about it a bit.

It would be nice to add more advanced levels to some of the existing achievements though. For example, the “Win 10 MTTs” one can be done in a good week, why not add ones for 100 wins, 250 wins, 500 wins, and 1,000 wins?


On the Other Hand achievement awarded!

Very Nice Hand achievement awarded!

Banana Split achievement awarded!

Challenge Everything achievement awarded!

Champion achievement awarded!

RPOS Champion achievement awarded!

Coach achievement awarded!

Sharp as a Knife achievement awarded!

Getting up to speed achievement awarded!

Love it here is what i have so far :slight_smile:


and have been awarded chips woop woop

500 Achievement Unlocked On_the_other_hand
2,500 Achievement Unlocked Very_nice_hand
2,500 Achievement Unlocked Banana_split
1,500 Achievement Unlocked Challenge_everything
500 Achievement Unlocked Champion
5,000 Achievement Unlocked Rpos_champion
5,000 Achievement Unlocked Coach


If only I can get the magic fairies award for believing that somebody is going to to come and clean my apartment in the next 12 hours before my sister arrives then I will tip my hat - Please Replay can you make this one happen :slight_smile:

But anyway I am happy because this is good and something new and its gamification and taking how we play to also a new fun level

lets all get behind this and support this new initiative - change is good

and if the magic fairies come clean my apartment well…


What do I get for tying my shoes this morning ? C’mon, gimme.


You ain’t trippin achievement award :joy: that’s too bad ….

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LOL :rofl:

Take achievements to the next level by letting us pick and display one next to our avatar at the table, like this…

! AchievementIconAdded

People would chat a little more, make a few friends, stay on the site forever.

Here I’m sporting the prestigious, “On A Roll” achievement, which is only awarded to those who have demonstrated their sheer poker prowess by logging in for 7 days in a row. One can even imagine more advanced achievements that would be fun to chase and display.

Each event could have a participation badge awarded the first time someone plays a qualifying event. Those wearing these badges would increase awareness of, and participation in, the events. The ultimate winners could get silver, gold, or diamond crowns or whatever.

As it stands, achievements are kinda like wedding photos. They are in a box somewhere, but nobody ever looks at them. I mean, it’s not easy for other people to see them, and there’s not a lot or reasons to care about them one way or the other.

Make them worth getting and let us show them off.


Do I get an award for replying here?

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Just reply and get an award!

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The achievement awards are kind of fun and give us all something to shoot for. The extra chips help too ! :smiley:


Only the extra chips for waking up and brushing my teeth dilute actual earned chips. Are we playing poker here or going for Boy Scout badges ?

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We cant do both?

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Some of us can lol