Let's be brutalily honest!

Several players that will go unnamed have accused me of cheating and buying chips! I’m going to address both issues! {1]I have NEVER cheated ever on this site! I’m certain that these unnamed players have, but I have not! [2] I have nearly 4.4 million chips which I have earned fair and square! It’s a combo of saving up the 2,500 daily allotment and playing in Royals tournaments! I have never played a dishonest hand in my life and i dare anyone to prove otherwise!


Some people are just born to troll and spread their own negative opinions as they please.

Online poker isn’t a game that one can “cheat” in without using some sort of hacking program to alter the board to their own advantage. Real cash poker in a shady backroom is a different matter.

And even if you did buy chips, there is nothing wrong with that. As other players have stated, buying chips helps keep the website running. I’ve played hands with you at Ring tables when I used to do regular Missions, and I have never witnessed you play a crooked hand. My advice is to block/mute and ignore those individuals, if they keep it up, there’s always the Report option, if it becomes a nuisance.


I don’t understand how they think you cheated. As BeerEagle said unless you are hacking the system, it’s impossible for you to cheat online. Besides that, buying chips isn’t cheating. I don’t do it, and like you have earned my chips. But if someone buys them, there’s not a thing wrong with it.


It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their poker community!

My thought is if someone on RP has 1 Billion chips and looking at their hand history - biggest pots…

If their best win in a hand listed - say 1 million then most likely, they bought a very high percentage of their chips

There are players on RP that have that “tip off” or “tell” in their hand history.

You could look at the known real deal players stats on RP for a baseline.

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How is that done?

For example, type “goatsoup” after clicking the magnifying glass.

Click “view latest hands”

Then click “Biggest pots”

614M for Goatsoup

Currently has 71M

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Okay, thank you.

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Cpnaples, it’s very telling that they accused you of both things.
Firstly, if they had a genuine claim that you’d cheated, they would have brought the evidence to admin and it would have been sorted already. Secondly, the ‘accusation’ of you buying chips is senseless because there is nothing wrong with doing that (although I likely won’t and I respect that you hold yourself to not doing it either). So, mentioning those two things together and not actually reporting specific issues just smacks of butthurt sore losers, IMO.
As others have said, ignore them if you can. :slight_smile:


Not exactly sure why u would use myself as an example here b/c “Bank Roll Managment” is not part of my psyche. I did not buy my way up I like to Gamble and literally lost 1 Billion chips losing w/ AA or KK etc … i.e “Got Replayed” lol Happens no Biggie I just take another swing for the fences.

Funny thing is u r correct I have 71 Million in bank but I have 100 Million on a 50k/100k NL table with Max buy in 20 Million :slight_smile:

I do believe I know of 1 player u may be speaking of whoms largest pot was 825K many years ago and has over 1 Billion in bank. The math and honestly their game don’t add up. Hey a Billion chips were probably cheap years ago good for them if that was what they choose to do. They supported the site which is a good thing. It is a shame that they put themselves off as some expert b/c they think their bank gives them street cred to the uniformed masses.

Best of luck at the tables my friend

The Goat :goat: :sunglasses:

p.s Heres a blast from the past for ya :slight_smile:

** Replays Own Secretariat … Written by a fellow competitor Excaliburns … Memorializing final week of Spring SnG Marathon … Very clever to say the least


I believe the only way anyone could cheat on RP is by having an offsite conversation with another player at the same table and comparing hands.


There’s some quality work right there on both sides of the field. LoL

I don’t know why I chose you Goat

I guess because deep down I knew you wouldn’t mind the attention

I know your style of play and mindset when chips are in play and also in your bank

I used to check to see how your quest to 1 Billion in the bank was progressing.

Many times you were starting over but kept trying.

Then you stabilized your bank and then I haven’t noticed lately…fell off the radar

Anyway, that’s part of the fun on RP

RP’s saving grace I like to say.

I do believe that one way to gauge who is the best on this site is…

how many remember the performance of another competitor

I certainly remember you more than anyone else crushing the field

That Secretariat writing needed to be written because it’s easy here on RP to forget!

What you accomplished was like Babe Ruth hitting 60 HR’s

and of course, Secretariat crushing the field!

Thanks for the kind words my friend and the best always to you!


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Thank you, BE69! You’re a honest player and I respect you! I don’t see you around much, that’s why we haven’t played! Some people want to be mean just because they can!

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This is obviously a good and a bad thing! You have gone from Zero to Hero to Zero to Hero so many times and yet have never received a KO! I’ve seen a lot of players build a massive Bankroll and lose it all and quit the site completely. OFC a small number of players will try again or create a new account etc, but most just disappear! This is why I would consider you one of the most Legendary Gamblers on the site! Very few players have the psyche to get knocked down, get back up again and say: “You’re never gonna keep me down!”

Some players will never reach their peak and have massive wins, and results like you bc they are too conservative and risk adverse! This “psyche” maybe a natural talent or personality trait that can be a big asset/liability. To me this is what can & will separate the best in many competitions - be it poker, sport, motor racing etc. OFC there is a fine line between risk and reward.

I totally agree with your analysis of the stats but: Does that mean if you go broke, your opinion is either less valid or not at all?

There is a lot of chips that can be won from playing Bust the staff. I was shocked when I looked at some of the buy ins Vs pay outs. Not sure why RP doesn’t market it more heavily, with better explanation etc.

I personally don’t think “willingness to gamble”, implement a super conservative BRM strategy, pay for premium membership or buy chips or qualifies/disqualifies a player as an expert/novice on RP.

players that accuse you of cheating or buying chips probably have a fragile ego & self esteem issues - and hence cant handle seeing you win whilst they are not winning. These types of people like to attack and tear down other people.

If they had genuine evidence of suspicious behaviour they genuinely believed then they would just report you, and not throw around accusations etc.

Buying chips doesn’t make you a good or bad player anyway.


I know I am late to the conversation, but if someone wanted to cheat without hacking there are a few methods.

  1. Communicating with someone about current hands off site.
  2. Soft play
  3. Using solvers for current hands (This is not very likely, as someone will probably not be able to update the solver within the hand timer unless they go through the effort of making a program to screen grab and feed into a solver).
    4: Ghosting

Since this is a play money site, there is less incentive to cheat, but in theory any cheat from a real money poker site could be used here.

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Chip dumping to friends is one of the most common forms of cheating I see on RP. I see a fair bit and I’m on RP less and less now, so I’m sure there is a quite a lot that goes on.

Aggree. I think most players are not aware of how easy it is to cheat and the various methods. Cheating on a FREE poker site has a reward of FREE worthless chips, so as you said: “less incentive.”

I think a solver would be an expensive, fairly worthless tool on RP against the average player.

I’ve played on various FREE platforms and think most are not cheating, but some I meet are cheaters and tried to recruit me to join their sad groups on these platforms.

I think most players are incapable of being brutally honest with themselves and want to accuse other players of cheating for many egotistical reasons.


I see more and more of this the more I play and for bad beats also putting the blame on Replay.


Going back to the “one and dones” the thing that annoys me is if they didn’t want to play,then why would they sit down! I can’t tell you how many times a player on a 1/2 player will just dump a chip and leave! Honestly, they have a pretty good chance to get at least 2 if they stay!

Not saying anyone is cheating but there are ways to cheat without hacking. Playing multiple seats on more than one device is one way. I’m sure there are others. When I used to play Joker Stars site, the site itself would rig the games so that unskilled players could win and claimed that they were only making sure that novice players also had a good experience. I, for one, do not agree with this type of, " everyone gets a trophy" mindset. Learn it and earn it is more my style. I hope that this site does not indulge in such activities.

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Since I don’t see any benefit to Replay to cheat anyone, I don’t believe the site itself is cheating. Not much Replay can do about someone who wants to cheat by using multiple devices if they aren’t using the same log on address. Besides that, cheating on a free site, what’s the incentive for any player to do so? Unless their ego is so fragile or they are a complete narcissist, which just goes to show that they are truly weak people and most likely very weak players who can’t win without cheating. Mostly though, the people that cry the most about people cheating, need to limit bet sizes, ban bingo players, the site is rigged, etc. just are very poor players. Easier to whine than it is to improve their game.