Players getting all good cards

I’ve been with Replay poker for a number of years and enjoy every moment but I find players start to get a lot of favorable hands. I played in a 1,000,000 chip game and won 9,000,000 chips. I found that almost all hands were in my favor.
Since then I have been noticing how much a dealer really seems to favor players. From that win on I’ve lost all my chips and bought many more. It’s hard to believe you can repeatedly have really good hands and always get beat by usually by same player. You’ll have a King high Flush & that person just happens to have the A. Come on please deal fairly so people won’t always lose & get frustrated. How people get up too a Billion chips baffles me?


After that win it woulda been a good idea to incorporate B roll Mgt. skills into your game or at least learn to improve that and try not to keep playing above your B roll. Its much more important then relying or focusing on so called lucky/unlucky seats or lucky/unlucky streaks and try to work on your skill level and diff strategies regardless of cards or bad beats. Those things are only short term. Would you have lost that 9 mill you won or the equivalent to in live since then if you were playing live? Prob not.


Rookie talking, take with as many grains of salt as necessary. This is in addition to the excellent advice floridajetski gave.
I just finished a SnG, where i went from a 3x chip lead, to a possible 6th place finish, in not that many hands. You know the drill…You open one good hand after another, and you never touch the flop, folding by the river every time. Other than special attention paid to my spr, and extra caution toward flush and straight possible boards, I tried to maintain the strategy i brought to the game. Finally, variance swings, and i’m able to capitalize on some of the good hands I’m getting.
A couple of things i’ve really had to work on:

  1. Not letting a big stack widen my range, making decisions I wouldn’t make if i were not chip leader.
  2. Not jumping into a 50K buy-in tournament, right after i lose a good hand to a rivered flush.

BTW, If someone flops a flush draw, knows the odds, and bets, anyway, I don’t consider it a suck out when they hit on the river. They simply won a bet when the odds were against them.

Best advice is the one I’ve been given from the beginning. Don’t play crappy hands, especially OOP.

Why does a guy who’s been here 2 years badmouth a guy who’s been here 7 years by calling him a rookie?

I’m the rookie. prior to feb. 2019, I might have played 20 - 30 hands, mostly against bots.
There’s a story behind, but i’m guessing most people don’t want to hear it, again.

Oh I see. My bad.


it works both ways someones you are not getting good cards but stick it out and they will come

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wrong advice crappy hands work just fine, i play 98% of all hands when the blinds are low and win many hands due to bad hands. The trick is when you call a crappy hand preflop and you nothing comes then bail. This calling every hand has won me over 100 tournaments what is crappy hand on this site i sometimes wonder if there is a crappy. i won a hand just now 32 suited land a flush :smiley:

I disagree, but i do like doobs. I have to select strong hands, cause i don’t like to limp. Limping allows too many hands to the pot, with whatever. With too many hands in the pot, the chances for blind luck are increased. Don’t like loosing pocket queens to a straight someone got, limping 85o.
Be mindful, this is for me. If you have a winning strategy, i say go for it.

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True but it also builds up the pot higher too and if you know how to build high pots post flop to the river, isolate players in between and take those pots down than it just increases the size of your winnings/pot size. You just have to do that once in awhile to be very profitable even if you combine all hands played in that session. ( better idea for rings only and moderately playing these ) prob an average of 80% of your winnings will come from 20% of your pots won and you just need a couple of those to work for you that are part of that 20%. How many times have you heard players ( including yourself ) say " if i wouldnt have folded that hand i woulda won the pot " …those are those few hands that will add a good amount to your profits. Again…in moderation, seeing potential winning hands for a cheap price, and in rings it seems to be the best times where it works from a profit stand point. Works for me most often.

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I have played here many years , my luck is not that good but have had some good " lucky runs".I am very patient & generally fold unless I have good hole cards, Lately however have been faced with so called " chip bullies " who seem to think that playing poker is just a mater of overcalling every hand. Buying chips as it were.!Invariably these “bullies” never show their cards.Not complaining, but the game has somewhat lost its fun. I wonder if others have noticed this as well.