Do you too think this is cheating

last night in a tourney I was playing a guy goes all in for 3428 chips when the blinds r 1500/3000 with 300 ante get to the player in the big blind and they fold for 128 chips at the final table they did this two times before where the person would bet and the person that was in big would fold

if you can prove it then yes it would be a form of cheating but it would be hard to prove it after all the object of the game is to knock a player out when you got a chance.
I was in a similar situation about a month ago.
4 players 3 of us had decent size chip count including me except for 1 and every time the other two players kept folding to the low stack keep them in the game but yet they would raise me all in every time I was in the small/big blind and I was getting cards I couldn’t call with like 3 8 etc… I ended up 4th because of this and missed the payout because they couldn’t call a all in or force the low stack to go all in

one time low stack player was all in and the other player all they had to do was check and let the hand play out but noooo instead they folded once again to keep this player in another hand all they had to do was call 30 chips and yet again they folded to this player
I had no evidence if they was colluding or not but their behavior would suggest other wise

It is possible the player ticked the pre button check/fold, happens to me also sometimes and than you see you folded for a very small raise.

It does sound like collusion, but it could also be the check/fold button like Happiness said or they could just be very bad at math and not want to waste 128 chips with seven deuce against ace king.

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Please feel free to report any collusion/cheating you might be seeing! We have an expert on staff to investigate these sort of things, and mete out the appropriate responses. It sounds like it might have just been some interesting poker though. =)

If you ever have a hand that needs review, please don’t hestitate to send the hand number in to support.


Just like to say that I am one of the players trav790300 is referencing. I remember the game quite clearly, especially the final 4. Given his play throughout the game I had trav pegged as a tight/passive player, a good player who would not take many loose risks. As the game approached conclusion play began to tighten up, as it does in the latter stages. Hands began to be folded through to the blinds, frequently leaving me and trav to play for the pot… or did we have to play? maybe I can loosen my range, begin firing around some large pre-flop raises and try collect me some blind and antes .So… Thats exactly what I did !!! (Profitably too I might add). Everything was perfect, but not for trav as he quickly begins to accuse myself and the two other players at the table of cheating, ruining the whole tone of the game. If any person does not like being raised or having position used against them then maybe, Poker? … not your game.

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I don’t know if you two were or not but behavior suggest other wise I have played to many hands to go back to find them. If you two was not colluding then I am sorry I said anything. Lets just move on and forget the whole thing its history and nothing can be done about it.
I have said my peace I hope you can accept my apology and move on and forget the entire thing

thank you

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Apology accepted , may the flop be with you


I find it interesting that trav is involved in another situation where he has accused someone of cheating. About a month ago, I was playing with trav and was fortunate enough to win three or four consecutive pots. He accused me of cheating and said that I was using some program that allowed me to see other player’s hands. When I lost a pot, he said I was doing it on purpose so it wouldn’t look suspicious. Fortunately other players came to my support with humor to lighten the situation. I thnk trav takes this game much too seriously and should relax and have fun.

I don’t remember playing against you. anyway if I did I apologies

Thank you for your apology trav While I am happy to accept it, I would like to reiterate that this is a game meant for fun. Let’s all enjoy it as it was intended!

Hehe, the poker world is a suspicious place, online poker doubly so. I think we all leap to conclusions trying to figure out why we lost sometimes. “It just happened,” feels a lot less satisfying than, “I GOT ROBBED! OH MAN!” I think folks would be surprised at how little cheating actually happens – it sucks the fun away from actually playing.

Thanks for working it out in a civil manners, all! =)

I know its for fun but I get a little frustrated at times when I see someone winning 3-5 hands in row and I struggle to even get one winning had through out a tournament/tournaments
its hard to have fun when struggle like this through out a tournament/tournaments understand why I might be frustrated
most part I stay calm but are times I let it out and I am sorry I do I just need to vent sometimes and have someone listen

Hehe, I know trav, I see Skype. =P

I very much went through this when I was playing Dota 2. It actually forced me to break a lot of my bad gaming habits and relearn how to play their game. It was a pretty interesting learning experienced. Certainly followed the adult learning dip you’d expect, but approaching it with problem solving exposed a lot of the weaknesses I had as a player. (And continue to have…)

Honestly, I respect a bad beat now and then. It keeps me humble and reminds me to mind my bankroll.

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Remember Moneymaker? He won a satellite and won the WSOP, well during that satellite he was dumping his chips because he only wanted the 4th place or 3rd place prize money to pay off his personal debts until someone convinced him to continue and win the seat so if you want to dump your chips off at a final table there’s nothing wrong with it. Also take into consideration this is for fun money and people play like fools! Most people play like an idiot with an ace, any card with an ace, All In All In it gets very frustrating!

Doyle Brunson once suggested that you always play the next pot when you win a hand. That’s the way you get a rush going. It’s not that uncommon to win several hands in a row.

I remember once watching Fluffy (my pet turtle) eat a bug. OK, as you may remember, Fluffy wasn’t naturally fluffy (because he was a turtle), but grandma had knitted him a nice little sweater, and he did look kinda fluffy when he was wearing that sweater. I don’t know how it is in your family, but in my family, if grandma knits you something, you damn well better wear it if you know what’s good for you, even if you don’t really like it.

So anyway, not to get off track or anything, Fluffy was eating this bug and I was all like, “Ewwwwww Fluffy, that’s gross!” He just looked at me and I got this instant mental connection with him (I think it was a him) and understood that he liked eating bugs now and then.

The moral of the story is obvious: one should let turtles eat the way they want to eat and you eat the way you want to eat and everybody can be happy by not judging the way other people act, even if they eat insects or play like goofballs.


Next time I play against you, I’m going to totally nibble on some imported roaches while letting the farm-raised ladybugs nibble on me.

It’ll all balance out and I feel somehow I might have game up on you.

Or perhaps not? Maybe I’m just gonna go all-in on you next time resting my fates on that magical 2-7 FullHouse!

And all said in jest, of course.

I’m still not sure on the Poker Replay community. I feel like there’s some good peeps in the message forum? I don’t know if that exactly translates to the vibes I feel on the tourney boards (or ring games) though.

You can go allin on me anytime, even while eating bugs. I’ll probably fold unless I don’t.

I have found that there are basically three kinds of people on this forum: those who are good at math, and those who aren’t.

All good players are utterly evil down to their little black hearts. I mean, really, to be good, one has to be willing to single out the weak and exploit them as much as possible. You have to be willing to crush them, ideally by being as deceptive as possible, and aren’t really happy until everyone else is dead and you have it all. Think about it.

Anyway, the forum is OK in my book. (I don’t actually have a book, but it’s OK in my mental notebook thingie)

You know, I always suspected that about you.

Like, you’re probably this really cool guy who, when it comes down to poker, is probably selfishly all in for him self but, otherwise, is actually a pretty decent human being…

…but I don’t see it because you’re playing poker and trying to beat me.

It’s all good though! Just be mindful… there may come a time where, if you try to thwart me using the useful info I posted here about Chalcedony, that my 3-8 Fullhouse might beat your 2-7 flush. (This is super-ultra-mega useful information! Shh… guard it!)

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