Replay's Own Secretariat

We’re ready to go to start this weeks challenge… And they’re off! Looks like Goat is out to the early lead, yes Goat is going for the lead, Rosecan in second and Donkatwork in third. Yes,Goat away very well, has good position on the rail and in fact is now moving up quickly.

Moving toward the first turn it’s Goat, Donkatwork on the outside is also moving along strongly. Rosecan third right behind Donkatwork and the rest of the field losing more ground at the moment. The trailer is Excaliburns.

There’s a large gap, make it 8 games now. They’re on the backstretch. Goat has opened up a 10 game lead. Canonlybeone is in second as Rosecan starts to fade. Donkatwork in third.

They continue down the backfield, it’s all Goat with a 12 game lead. They’re moving on the turn now, Goat looks like he’s opening, the lead is increasing. Make it 13, 14, 15 game lead! There is a long way back to Canonlybeone followed by Ampers. ewerthon, Lockirockz, Wantanew12v, and Excaliburns still trails the field.

They’re on the turn it’s Goat blazing along… with 35 wins

Goat is widening now. He is moving like a tremendous machine.

Goat by 16… Goat by 18 on the turn!

Goat is all alone! He’s out there with a 20 game lead!

Goat is in a position where he’s impossible to catch

Into the stretch, Goat leads this field by 22 games.

Now Ampers is in second and Canonlybeone is in third.

They are in the stretch, Goat has opened up a 23 game lead

He is going to be the record breaking winner…

Goat to the wire!

An unbelievable and amazing performance!

He hits the wire 25 games ahead!!



Well what can I say … But Thank you … I am humbled and impressed that a fellow competitor would take the time to memorialize my feat in such a clever way … My hat is off to you sir well done

See you at the tables … The Goat