My level of poker skill

After doing 1 month of intensive work on my poker. Now I am even better than I was 1 month ago. I can safely say I am even better than idiotplayer. Despite not having the most chips on the site, I can safely proclaim in terms of raw skill, I AM THE BEST!

Please post your comment let me know what you think! THX!

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I also have been doing extensive work on my poker…so to speak. :wink:


I’ve never played you or seen you play. Only heard you talk.


I would love to sit at a table with you, any amount is fine.

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Describe the intensive work. I am interested in learning how to improve.

I watched you play in the 1 million BB stakes. What’s up with all the limping in? Forgive my insolence, I am playing drunk on bourbon.

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? limping in?

New strategy mate. Limp everything, everywhere, everytime.

Well, as long as not having the most chips is the criteria i would dispute your claim and say i am the best.


The best at what? playing just heads up rings or 3 hand rings is the best? hmmm, what about playing and dominating sit n go leader boards, holdem MTT s , omaha, omaha hi/lo ? u had mentioned u dont even know how to play all those other game types or any tourneys. many of us do here and do well. the best poker player can play well dominating all of those, but u can only play 2 or 3 handed rings and nothing else so u are so far away from being the best poker player, your not even close because all those other game types are poker too, in case u dont know that. i would even wonder how u do on a full 9 seat max ring game with 8 other players as competition and not just 2 or 3 handed. your poker is so much more limited than most players i know here…so in closing…if u wanna call yourself the 2nd best 3 or less handed ring only player than go ahead if it makes u feel better. it also seems that u started this thread just because of insecurity and lack of attention here by sitting for 8 hours a day waiting for a player to show up so u can play heads up. maybe spend all those hours each day learning all the other game types by playing them…that would get u 1 step closer to being a step further towards what u think u really are that your not… just a thought on how u can be a better poker player and not 2nd best 3 handed ring player…cheers :slight_smile:


you do have very good points. I really don’t know how to play anything but NLHE. But this is not my fault per se. This is because you make the most money at NLHE period! I am a NLHE specialist and as for NLHE tournament, I am very dominant in that too. Please do remember I started out as a tournament player, but cash is so much more challenging.

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Cash??? Okay…I may be the most incompetent computer person on this site…but I sure the heck know what cash is…and I have NEVER seen anyone win any. So…unless you know something you want to share with the rest of us…man up or woman up…whatever the case may be…and sit down at a freeroll MTT tourney. I suggest hi/low for a more humbling experience.
If you’re as smart as you think you are…you should be able to read the rules and figure it out.
The tourneys are long…if you’re winning, extremely challenging, but best of all frequented by some of the nicest people out there. Win or lose…and I have done both, it is the most rewarding time I spend on site. Anyone…can buy chips from the bank…(I’m am not saying that’s what you did) but they could. So tomorrow you could wake up ranked 50 or 100,000. Freeroll is more about the skill, friends and of course…a little luck.

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alright, I think I know who I am talking to now. Anyhow, what can I say!? YOU ARE RIGHT!

well i dont think cat could wake up ranked 50 or 100,000 unless idiotplayer cleaned him out one night lol, she is the only one that has his chips covered to do that but ya most players could wake up that way but i think they would be going to sleep that way 1st :slight_smile: oh by the way cat, i saw u win a 250k MTT the other day… g job, i see your taking my advice and stepping out of your comfort zone and its paying off big :slight_smile:

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thank you for compliment!!! I like to have fun in MTT once in a while, its relaxing…

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This thread has to be a joke, right ? Must be nice to be rich ! (obviously I’m talking about real world $$$$)

thank you for the compliment! and yes I am richer than you!

It def. musta’ cost a bunch of real $$$$ to peerchess all those chips

I watched your “biggest pots” hands. The ONLY difference between you and a 25/50 player is that you purchased xx billions of chips which allows you to play at high stakes tables. You DEFINEATELY are not even a good player, never mind the best player. I encourage people to watch the hands in his profile. Kinda comical.

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