Let's be brutalily honest!

That’s exactly what I think.

If you’re going to cheat make the most of it and do it in a card room and get a good beat down when you get caught.

That’s a good attitude adjustment


I think there’s a problem on the Toplist page at 8/27/23 7:41 PST. I’ve noticed this occurring before.

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I have played with goatsoup and he is a standup guy!

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i have done that 6 years ago.i still buy the minimum chips sometimes.when i get on a bad losing streak it seems to help.it used to be more than one profile was cheating.now it seems ok.i have chip dumped, colluded, and been chat banned like 10 times.now it is all fun and games.good luck at the tables.

Cheating on a free site? Stop hallucinating. If one has to buy chips it seems to be fair to say they have 1. Too much time on their hands 2. Too much money. Take it as fun. Not serious. And haters will always be haters and should be ignored. I feel sorry for their existence.

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Perhaps they want to support the site to keep it as a free site and help pay the bills here so players can have fun and some entertainment


You all might be in need of more hobbies and interests , just saying. Well rounded ppl are happier.

Yet here you are :joy:

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All in good humor, lol

The “Worlds Foremost Authority” on this above subject is within reach by clicking this video

[Smothers Brothers

Professor Erwin Corey - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHlLmYVCzKY)

The words of wisdom, which we all seek, come at the end of the video…

I do other stuff and I read the comments occasionally because i get a prompt to. But its definately not my life.

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The marathons are pretty awesome and those I do a lot. But now i found out I cant even play in a grand finale no matter what due to an obligation. But its ok. I hope you have good luck at the tables sir.


Sorry to hear your dilemma but know that there are many more to come. You don’t have to call me Sir. My friends call me Craig and the other one I can’t post :joy:. Best always and see you on the felt.


Are they low stakes players? Low stakes is an absolute circus. Getting that first million at low stakes is tough but moving to medium stakes is easy chips.

This is an easy 1 million from a week of 100/200


vero!! ma poi quando raggiungi alti livelli ti …!!! perdi tutto!!

*Translation *
I was!! but then when you reach high levels you…!!! you lose everything!!

You can take a break from playing all the time and perhaps your play will change when you come back. Replay is not in the business of targeting players.

some players have never bought a chip, the site would soon fold with players like that

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True words but some like me also support the site by purchasing a Premium membership.

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Sound like you protest too much

You got the wrong Marine pal. I support Replay but call a spade a spade. Replay could use your support.

I buy chips, purely to help keep the site alive.
Having had and run a website for 22 yrs with average 16-22 million hits a month, I know the cost of trying to keep online, it cost me thousands a yr. I did rely on donations, but only a handful would help out. It broke my heart to shut down my site after 22 yrs, but 3 servers cost s fortune. My poker name is a clue to my site. Also, I never ever bluff, always play a honest hand.

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