Introducing Levels and Achievements!

We’re thrilled to announce a couple of brand new features that you can now see on your profile: Levels and Achievements!

Levels and Achievements have been designed to enhance the experience of new players, giving them goals to accomplish right when they start playing. While these features are aimed toward casual gamers to get them engaged with new challenges, they also spice up the game for poker vets who want to show off badges that represent some killer plays! Ready to learn more?

As you play at the tables, you’ll earn Replay Poker Points (RPPs) that help you gain RPP Levels. These levels are a way for you to demonstrate your experience on the site. They display on your profile, and as you move up, you get shiny new titles to go along with them! Don’t worry – you won’t be The Kid for long.

You can earn up to 1,750 Replay Poker Points per day (and days are in Eastern time!), so jump in a game and start earning that experience now! But that’s not all …

Achievements are a fun new way to brag about the great moves you’ve made at the table! When you play ten hands in a row, you’ll unlock an achievement. Rebuy in a ring game? That’ll net you the Second Chance badge. There are plenty of ways to earn badges, many of which are tied into your RPP Level, and some achievements are secret! The more you play, the more you’ll discover.

We have a few articles in our Help Center that go into more detail, and I highly recommend you give 'em a look:

Excited? Nervous? Have other thoughts? Please join us in this feedback thread here, as your opinions matter most! This is our first iteration of achievements, and we want your thoughts to help shape the future.

Check out the achievements you’ve already earned here, and take a peek at your profile to find your new level and title!


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Levels & Achievements Feedback