Poker Ace achievement

I just won my 10th MTT, which is weird because it was technically a MTT, but it was a league game where only 4 players signed up for the table, so we filled half a table.

I’d lost count of how many MTT wins I’ve had, so I guess that’s good now I know it’s 10.


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Congrats, 10 wins is a pretty good month.


…and it’s only half over!

I don’t play MTT as much as I play SNG, but I have played it off and on since I started playing back last September. I don’t recall exactly when I recorded my first win, but I took 4th in my very first MTT ever, even though I was nowhere near the player I am now. I have been playing more MTT in the past month, and had managed to win a few. If I played nothing but for a month, I wonder if I could manage 10 first place finishes. Seems like it might be doable, but challenging. I think I hit two or three in one week, but I don’t know that I could do so consistently.

Try doing it in the free rolls with 150 to 250 entrants each. More of a challenging, more excitement.

Congratulations, Puggy! Definitely one of the more meaningful Achievement Chips. If there were one for ‘Most Improved’ or best progression, you’d have my vote! Not downplaying your early game (wouldn’t have the ‘authority’ to even say something like that) - just emphasizing the fact that it has undeniably improved to another level from previous early times.

Thanks, Lad! For sure, I have come a long way from when I started playing. I’ve studied the game, learned from my mistakes, learned from my betters, and gained a lot of experience. I’ve definitely improved significantly over the past few months, and I have the chips to prove it.