When Replay promised a retooling of the Leaderboards at the first of the year… well… some were skeptical.:thinking:

What a Deal! Opinions? Like, Dislike? Comments… I’m still figuring it all out! :grinning:

As promised, that’s a lot of leaderboards :+1:t2:

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There is more to come with weekly Sit’n’Gos and Omaha MTTs.

We are conscious that all these leaderboards can be a bit overwhelming and that it does not make the whole Promotion section very user-friendly. We will definitely look into retooling the Leaderboard & Leagues space to make it more convenient from a navigation standpoint. :slight_smile:

Any feedback will be very much appreciated and considered for future changes. :raised_hands:


If I came in 5th on a 6 seat sit n go would I gets points or is it still only top 3 that get points ?

100% Tournament Points also apply to sit’n’gos so you would be receiving points as long as you have been playing (not sit out) for more than 50% of the hands dealt to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks because a friend of mine was asking because he said he didn’t get any points for the last two 6 player games he played .

Please kindly feel free to tell your friend to contact our support team and we will look into it. I’m sure there is an explanation for it. :blush:

Ok thanks …I will tell him … he thinks I know everything so asks me 1st :slight_smile:



Excellent job, I can see all the work that went into it. I really like the expansion of the Leader Boards. More opportunities for players to compete at different levels.
I especially like the changes in the gemstone league. Something for every type of player there.
I like the new sound you added for the game about to start.

Soooo, just saying thank you to you and all the staff for the continueing improvement to the site.