New MTT Leagues for Recreational Players

We have received much feedback regarding our leaderboards, rankings and leagues. This is very helpful and we are always very grateful that you take the time to write down your feelings, opinions, recommendations on Replay, its product offering, player experience, promotions and more. :slight_smile:

There are quite a few features and initiatives that we are looking at releasing in the next coming months. Please always keep sharing your opinions and wishes as these directly input on our product roadmap (i.e. what we decide to prioritize on the development side).

On this thread, I’d like to discuss the introduction of 4 new leagues catered for recreational players who can’t necessarily commit to the number of hours required to have a chance in our current leaderboards and leagues. Below is the proposal. Please feedback on it as we will strongly consider it before we release these.

Gemstone Leagues

The concept is about 4 new MTT Leagues: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.

Each of these leagues would apply to one single daily MTT featuring a buy-in of 10,000 chips and a guarantee of 1,000,000 chips to start with.

Each of these 4 tournaments will be scheduled at least 6 hours apart from each other’s, to have at least one playable league for each time zone. Time schedules are yet to be confirmed.

Each league will be featuring two leaderboards as follows:

  1. Weekly Leaderboard taking in account the top 5 player’s performances (out of 7 total tournaments). Prize pool will be 1 Million chips to be shared between the TOP 20 finishers.

  2. Quarterly Leaderboard (12 weeks) taking in account the top 50 player’s performances (out of 84 total tournaments). Prize pool will be 5 Million chips to be shared between the TOP 50 finishers.

The kick rule will apply to these tournaments and remove all sit-out players after Level 3. The Leaderboards will be calculated with tournaments points - using the usual formula - and will award points to 100% of the tournament field.

There are possibilities of expanding these leagues to further competitions in the future, based on how well these are doing. There could be new achievements for weekly and quarterly winners. We also consider having achievements for other existing leagues and leaderboards.

The objective of these leagues is for all playesr to have a MTT league they can compete in on Replay Poker. These new leagues would not have any impact on the existing American, European, Asian leagues and other leaderboards. These might change in the future although in the meanwhile these new leagues would just be added on top of everything.

Please feel free to share your ideas, and feedback. We have in plans to roll out these new leagues in April.

May the river be with you! :raised_hands:

Nise to see that you are trying, but the new format is just more of the same and doesn’t address the core problem that has been brought up over and over on this forum. The problem is to develop a leaderboard that is fair to casual players who can’t or won’t play 250 tournaments a month, but who are unwilling or unable to arrange their lives around a fixed tournament schedule.

There are currently 2 kinds of MTT leaderboards, which I think of as limited and unlimited.

The limited ones, represented by the Asian, European, and American leagues, limit the number of events, but require one to plan their life around free poker. These have the benefit of being more skill based, but punish the casual players who can’t play at a fixed time every day, or who only play on the weekend, or whatever.

The unlimited tournaments are more flexible, but less skill based because those with less time can’t possibly compete with those who can play 200 or 300 tournaments a month. Again, the casual players are punished for being casual players.

I’m guessing that at least 70% to 80% of your customer base would self-identify as casual players. Why not develop a leaderboard structure that gives them what they want… the flexibility to play when they want in a format that limits the number of tournaments in order to level the playing field?

Thank you for bringing that up SPG. This clearly deserves an update as well! :slight_smile:

These new leagues are not supposed to address all the issues raised in an other thread (i.e. in regards to the tournament points formula, and current monthly leaderboard systems).

We wouldn’t change the core of all our current leaderboards and leagues without taking the time to think all aspects through (both on the tech and on the player experience sides). The feedback raised towards our leaderboards is very insightful and will be indeed at the centre of our decisions when revamping our leaderboards and rankings offering this year. However, should be mentioned that if a few regular players come on the forum providing great feedback, we also have many players playing the current leaderboards actively.

These new possible leagues are supposed to address one specific point though - offering new and casual players the possibiity to compete in leagues without having to commit a daily high volume of play. The format could maybe be improved though, hence the reason for us to share it here before rolling them out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Just to be clear though, I wasn’t suggesting that you change the current leaderboard or league structures. I was kinda suggesting that you add some new ones that limit the number of tournies while providing the flexibility in scheduling that would be appreciated by casual players.

Could not have said it any better. You nailed the issues dead-on. Its not about eliminating the current structure but about supplementing it with something the casual players can participate in. Its not a huge deal for me but it certainly would be nice to have some structure in place where I could compete over a longer stretch than a single tournament.

Thanks both!

We will rework it around your feedback. It kind of goes back to Sassy_Sarah’s feedback on being able to pick your tournaments too. It seems that both formats could please casual players (one leaderboard on one single daily tournament and one on 4 - 5 daily tournaments). We will also question our players about it in a survey.

We will get back to you with an expanded proposal for it - taking your comments in account. :slight_smile: