Won 1st place in a freeroll community tournament. Got my "Podium Gold" achievement but not "In the money" achievement

So in my previous post I thought that winning an SnG game would get me the achievements, but I was proven wrong by a user. So I joined one of the community freeroll tournaments and to my surprise, I took first place.

I seem to have gotten the first prize achievement but not the prize position achievement. Does anyone know why this is? I know it seems weird making a big deal over achievements but I like to collect them.

EDIT: A word


Good game! I’m not sure, but it probably has to do with the tournament being a free roll. I wish I was more help.

Maybe, but it seems weird to have gotten one of them but not the other. Good game though!

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Just play a 1k or a 2.5k MTT.
Better payout than a freeroll, a whole lot less players.
Easy Peasy, you’re there. Prolly was cause Freeroll, iono.


Sorry about that! While it’s true that these achievements don’t apply to SnGs (from your earlier post), they should be awarded in any MTT if you hit the money or win. We’ve had some trouble with these two particular achievements not awarding in rare circumstances, and it looks like you got hit with the bug.

I just manually added that to your account. We don’t typically have issues with any of the other achievements, but if you have any questions about them, feel free to hit us up at support@replaypoker.com. :slight_smile:


Hi ,
Just like the original poster I too enjoy collecting the achievements but unfortunately cannot get the " In The Money" award.

Yesterday I won the Cut Off MTT , collected a cool 300K prize but alas no achievement :disappointed:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for letting us know, and sorry about that pesky achievement! I just manually awarded it to you so you’ll see it on your profile now. :slight_smile:

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Cheers . Tip of the hat to you

I there, sorry to bother, but the same thing happend to me. I got 3rd place, but no achievement.
Tournament ID: #3571302.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi fizzymint, i also got the same case. I’ve finished in a prize position in an MTT but the achievement hasn’t been unlocked yet. hope you can help me. thankyouuu.

Just awarded the achievement to both of you, @MadeG and @rayce. Sorry for the delay on that, and congrats on your prizes!


hello is there a page / resource for the amount of achievement & most are explained ( could add 10k or what ever )
thank you very much