Explain the new awards please?

i saw there are new awards and levels to gain. however there is much i don’t understand yet:

1: where are the old awards now? (like hands played lv 1234 folded 1234 low mid high stake player etc.)

2: there should be a level now but can’t find it anywhere

3: these new awards are they collectibles or do they contain an addition prize?

4: saw something about titles but can’t find them too

5: do i miss something else let me also know please?

Go to your profile page. Your level and title can be found in the upper right.

i have watched it now but don’t see any xp bar, do you also know if you can find one? and how much xp it takes to lvup and what you have to do anyway to get xp?

also besides these 3 new questions do you also have an answer of question nr 1, 3 and 5?

ty for the answers so far

No sorry, I don’t know the answers to any of that other stuff.

  1. Awards have been replaced by the new achievement system. More details here!

  2. No additional prizes currently, but it’s on the team’s radar!

Great questions – let me know if you have any others. It’ll also help us with what we need to make sure we cover in our Help Center.

ty for the information so far.

about the other questions: is there an xp list:
i mean somethink like this: lv1 0xp needed lv2 10xp needed lv3 30 lv4 100 lv5 250 lv6 500 etc…

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