Inactive players get kicked out of tournaments?

I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed this. Two players here were inactive since the beginning of the SNG. On this hand, they’ve got the number of chips you would expect after a dozen or so hands of being inactive.

Next hand, they’re gone. With their chips seemingly removed from the game.

So that’s cool! I found an old thread debating about this: Don't let players sit out the whole tournament. Looks like the issue was settled.

Anyone know what the exact mechanics are? Looks like they were kicked once the third blinds level started. Is it if you’re inactive for the entirety of two blinds levels, you get kicked once the next level starts? And do their chips just disappear completely? Is this how it works in both SNG and MTT?

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So, these two players bought in for 1000 chips and never showed up to play. I don’t get it. Now, I’ve seen this before and still haven’t figured out why they do it.

And, you are correct after so many blinds from the start of the game or around the 15 minute mark the player is removed if no activity.

Now, I have seen a work around to this, that if you play one hand before the removal time frame, you won’t be kicked out. I’ve seen a couple of players do this (but they had played more than one hand), they won a big hand and left for probably 1/2 hour or more and came back and started winning hands again.

In MTT’s I think their chips just disappear but it won’t have an effect on the payouts since the payouts are based on buy-in amounts.

Replay says…

" Since we are a play money site, our priority is to ensure the best possible experience for all of our players, which sometimes means doing things slightly differently than they would be at a live poker tournament.

Given this, we have implemented a new No Show Policy as of Jan 1, 2019.

In all Sit & Go and some Freeroll tournaments, players that have not taken their seat and played a hand by the END of the second blind level, will be removed from the tournament and their buy-in forfeited. In all Multi-Table Tournaments requiring a buy-in fee, however, players have until the END of the third blind level to take their seat and participate in a hand. Blind levels can vary from tournament to tournament, but a typical blind level is 5 minutes, in which case a no show would be removed after 10-15 minutes of inactivity."



Thanks for pasting that announcement.

I seem to remember those two bought in first, and the lobby took 30-60 minutes to fill up. I’m not upset at them for forgetting they bought in.

That makes sense now, I forgot SnG’s take a long time to fill which is why I usually only play them in featured Promo events.

Hello, it happened to me twice ( been stolen my chips and the opportunity to win chips ): when you pay for an SNG you have to wait for all seats to be taken…it can last - one player wrote: waiting 30 minutes for the start - so: you are waiting, waiting or do some other things…when all 6 or 9 players have paid, game will start and you get a signal (acoustic and a pop up) that the games starts…i learned not to wait for the acoustic, because somestimes it doesn’t come up or it’s coming late ( around 10 minutes into games )…so: when someone is sleeping, it’s the players fault, but when no signal or pop up is coming: who is to blame: chips lost and no chance to win chips…maybe Replay find an answer, how to manage it…