Could't play

it happend in hand: 885558980

i see my cards KJ, the acoustic signal and pop-up for the game to start, appears - during the 4th blind-level - and i was out…Replay folded for me in a hand with two pairs and the Full House on the turn…
not the first time…best moment for this is having AA, happened 3 times, not so funny…i would Replay give an endorsement for ‘helping hand’…gl and enjoy, bad luck hits everyone…

i mentioned the topic of the acoustic / pop-up problem before:
Inactive players get kicked out of tournaments?

…does any other player have the problem with the acoustic / pop-up signal ?

Looks to me like you weren’t watching your cards and got timed out.

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i looked to the screen and saw the cards, i got no timeclock, there was a button: take your seat, i clicked on, but there was no reaction…i had to wait to the end of that hand

I’ve had that happen too. On rare occasions, it sits me out of more than one hand and clicking the button to be reseated doesn’t seem to do anything.

I reload the table by clicking the “play now” button in the lobby or the dashboard, or I press F5. Reloading the table clears it, but the missed hands are still missed.

It can be a bit frustrating, to be sure, but it doesn’t happen that often, at least for me.

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Oh wow, sorry to hear that was the situation. I never here a start beep or buzzer. I just look at the time.

Best of luck !

seems to happen to me daily dont know whats going on

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What version of Windows are you running ?


Not the browser, the version of the operating system. You’re going to have problems if Microsoft doesn’t support your version anymore with updates.

After January 10, 2023, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for Windows 8.1 . You might be able to upgrade your Windows 8.1 device to a newer version of Windows, but we recommend moving to a new PC that can run Windows 11 as the best option.

Any version of windows below 8.1 is not supported with updates and that a huge problem. Both security wise and functional ability.

Hope that helps

Hi or you might want to check to see if your internet speed is up to par… Good luck
with your problem. Had the same thing over and over again. It’s very frustrating.


And WiFi connection if your using that.

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