Non removal of players sitting out at start of a tournament

I believe the recently unannounced change to not remove sitting out players after 10 minutes at the start of a tournament is a completely retrograde step and is killing the game enjoyment in a lot of tournaments. I have recently played a 9 seater tournament with only 2 other active players at the table and a 6 seater tourny with only one other active player . The slow blind levels meant the sit outs were there for an inordinate amount of time and in one of the tournys they actually made the payouts .
Why was this change made and please can it be reversed ASAP .-
Thank You


I have to agree. I recently played a 15-player MTT, where two players never sat, and they were both able to finish like 5th or 6th.

Why don’t you just rob the blinds of the players sitting out? If you have several players that you know will fold 100% of the time to any raise… that seems like such a giant advantage to the players actually playing.

my main gripe is that it kills the game enjoyment and as this is a play money site that is the most important issue for me - . No fun no show for me,

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Agreed I suppose… and when there are multiple players sitting out, just waiting for them to fold is an amazing pain. If they could just make it so they auto check that would help a lot (and maybe they do… I haven’t played any tournaments for a while).

I totally agree with all the above comments. Those who register and not play for 10 minutes should be removed. I was at a table recently where 7 of the 9 players never played - slows the game and makes for small payouts.

Yeah it seems weird, why would they do that? Once late reg closes they should get rid of them. (maybe a little bit longer like a few blind levels but thats it)

Agreed !!

I certainly feel some sympathy for the feelings expressed here but I look at it differently.

Most importantly, those “zombie” players paid for their seat. In the good old days, when we could actually fly, it’s no different to me buying a seat on an aircraft. I have no obligation to use that seat and I have no doubt that the friends who were separated on different flights would be pretty angry about that empty seat that meant they could have travelled together.

Secondly, @Yorunoame makes another very important point: why would you want to get rid of someone who is guaranteed to fold the blinds? That is just free and easy chips for the taking.

I’ll tell you the players that annoy me. There’s no shortage of them. The idiots who have a zombie in the big blind on their right and everyone folds. Then the idiot folds as well and donates a top-up to zombie!!!

The very last advantage is that you can play a bit looser. It may be “officially” a 9 seater but, in practice, it’s only an 8-seater.

When life deals you zombies, make hay while the getting is good … or something like that … I’ve never been very good at these old sayings things :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your feedback and for highlighting this issue for us. I just wanted to jump in real quick to inform you we are aware of the problem and are working to get it resolved. Thanks again for your help and patience.