Absent whole game player still takes paid position?

Tournament #2088340 Dagatorman was absent the whole Astral-Orion game, yet wins 3rd place.
How is that possible?? 4:31 EST

Maybe I need to re-word this. It appeared to me that Dagatorman was away the whole game. Yet in his absence, never making a play, gray non-available player, he managed to take third place. I watched my stack dwindle as I played, and hoped he would be automatically eliminated cause he obviously wasn’t there as a live player. In the past, I have observed that away players evidently get eliminated so as not to qualify for a payoff.

I have noticed some new holes myself. I had a Ace high flush and it was rewarded to a player with three of a kind? Since I have never spent a cent on this site it’s a hell of a value, Right.

Players that are not participating are eliminated when playing MTT (Multi-Table Tournys) but not during the SnG games such as the one I believe you were playing. I hope this helps explain the discrepancy in what you observed.

Were you perhaps playing a Omaha Ring game? If you were, you must use two of your 4 “hole” cards to make the best hand. Providing the Hand # of the game is helpful so it can be reviewed. I hope this helps.

Actually in Sin n Gos you are removed from the table if you have not sat in ( being Grey ) once 3 blind levels are complete .

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Tks for the input. “Scoopen”

It is tough when you can’t beat an absent player…

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I agree with those who think it’s wrong for a player to be able to sit out hand after hand. Just started playing tournaments, and there was one guy who after 4 hands didn’t play until there were only 5 people left, out of 175. This is wrong. Even worse if they don’t play at all. It should be like the Sit n Go’s, after 3 blinds, you’re out.

Well, it may or may not be “wrong” but it ain’t a violation of no rules…so I reckon you gonna hafta live with it.