Tournament info not showing on table

Hi. Today I’ve been playing some tournaments, and I noticed that the usual information (players remaining, small/avg/highest stack size, chip leader,) isn’t showing where it usually does in the top right corner. Is anyone else experiencing this? Has it been removed? Thank you for any feedback.

Not intentionally! We’re getting reports about this in support as well. This happened a few weeks ago after an outage and our tech team fixed it, so we’re going to have them look into it again. We know those stats are important!

Thank you for the reply. No rush in fixing it, just figured you guys would like to know :slight_smile: Thanks.

It did show on your table what your standing was. I have seen the same thing…everyone has 2500 chips. I am glad they are working on it.

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last 24 hrs for me… last 4 MTTs I entered , no info…
personally I can’t play without it, well don’t want to… it thros off my strategy.

please gert back asap.

I wanted to give everyone an update on this and let you know that there was a problem with a few of our servers that caused this issue for certain tables. Our tech team jumped on it and it should be fixed now! If you continue to have issues with stats not showing at tables, please post here or write in to Support at and we’ll look further into it.