Ideas for improvement and growth of the site

Suggestions: More chips for newbies, more chips for a successful referral (300 is nothing), include email in referral (some don’t know poker name), only 1 tournament at a time, indicate whether a player is M/F in their profile (like to know who I’m playing against), provide RP hats for players going to large poker events, keep toplists for points…daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.


newbies got aprox 100000 chips with site awards and the superrewards.Thets should be more then inaf. M/F planned as optional. *cant force anyone to share. Tours need to be more, becouse the buy in diff.( some got less to play with then others) RP hats and other stuff under plan too. Toplist is under work too.

Never heard of rewards/superrewards, I got 2500 chips. Shouldn’t referrals be a major site strategy? Sad to see major players and moderators without a single referral. My point on the 1 tournament at a time, players in 2 at the same time cause delays… lock out ‘join’ for a given time slot once one is selected. When can we expect the new toplists?

Thank you for your quick response…are you male or female??? lol

Joe D

Go to get chips page , superrewards there, fill up some survey and stuff, and you will rewarded.

Site rewards you get example for play 3000 hand played, or 350 hands win, or 1000 hand folded.

Just play vise . :slight_smile: Referals… hmm you right a bit, its complex, for me I was in other country for 10 years, not much friends in my town when I came back.

Other problems with refering others, but the tech staff work on thet too, lots of changes comming up!! toplist change : Cant tell the time , realy, its depends on lots of things.

Alphamale :slight_smile:


…and the site standpoint of playing in multiple tournaments at the same time…?

Alpha male??? …u must not be married!

I use to play 6 room… :))

Some new future will be implement , like pop up room when your turn, This should make multiple room plays better in the future.

( thanks for the correction, never see a grammarbook in English. )

Divorced. :))

I guess I dont understand. I personally dont play in more than 1 tournament because i couldnt concentrate. I too started out with 2500 in chips, and thought it was a slim amount. But after a few Lucky days and a few good tournaments i now can honestly say, I worked my way up to where I am, and didnt get 2500 a day just for showing up or 500 for each friend each day! This site to me is the best, and keep up the good work all !!

truely marcipan, A female or alpha ? not making fun, just wondering.

Male . Should I change my nick or something? Or Im just to nice?

nice ?! lol

Hi Joe,

Thanks for all the suggestions. Some are covered by existing topics on this site, but I’ll respond quickly to each in turn:

More chips for newbies: Planned

More chips for a successful referral (300 is nothing): Planned

Include email in referral (some don’t know poker name): We’ve got a whole new referral system planned.

Only 1 tournament at a time: I believe a lot of players play in multiple tournaments, so I don’t think this would be popular. Also because we have relatively low players seated at any one time, by limiting how many tourneys they could sit at, we’d be reducing this still further, which I think would be bad for the site.

Indicate whether a player is M/F in their profile: I like this idea - we should definitely do it.

Provide RP hats for players going to large poker events: Planned

Keep toplists for points…daily, weekly, monthly & yearly: Do you mean something different to what we have here: - or here:

For those that are planned, I’d expect we’ll be able to go live in the next 3 months with most of these updates, some much sooner.

  • Paul

Paul, My apologies, I never saw the tab for:

It is exactly what I was looking for with the exception of the daily points. I saw and like the stats page, though I don’t understand some of the math. I only started playing online poker a month ago so can only compare you to 2 other sites. I like the look/feel and the people here… keep up the good work.

Joe D.

How about some sort of reward for playing good solid poker. Maybe like a set of games aimed at solid play. I realize this site is more aimed at fun but honestly its not fun if youve spent years learning solid poker skills to have it all become meaningless because players dont play with any strategy or regard for the play of their opponents. Its disrespectful to play a whole game folding making solid decisions to have one of the “aggresive” players call you like they call every hand. Honestly Im just venting because Im a solid player but Im completely lost here on this site. Ive never struggled like I am here whether it was for free or not. I think of poker not in terms of fun or entertainment but as a fascinating intellectual and emotional game that requires great patience concentration discipline and bravado . Its disappointing tome when I play and none of that is necessary or even possible. Maybe a league or group that is serious and solid play is the goal.

I would suggest not having such sensitive moderators that over exercise RP standards!!!