A couple swell ideas

Hey, I have two suggestions that would make the site a little more enjoyable, I think (though I’m having a good time losing all your free chips you have lent me!). 1) After I fold I sometimes can’t quite remember my folded cards. I know I can go back and watch the replay, but during the game on my screen maybe you could grey out the cards or x them out or make them tiny just to remind me. Or, in the ‘You folded’ line above the flop you could say what was folded. Sometimes if there are two pair in the community cards, for example, my folded 10 might have been the high, deciding card, so it would be just nice to see it. In a real human game, the cards can be seen as they are still in front of me. Also, is there a way to see how many chips total I have when Im in the active game screen? I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet. One more thing…how about a ‘blow by blow’ button when watching a replay so we can see the action as it unfolds in as slow motion as we’d like? Thanks for your help, and the great site!

Hi jakerjanuary,

Welcome to the site, and thanks for your suggestions.

About the first one, perhaps we could show the folded cards, greyed out or semi-transparent instead of just hiding them altogether? We don’t really have space where it says folded to show what cards you had as well as what hand you would have got.

Regarding your total chips (you mean your bank roll), no there isn’t a way, you need to refer back to the main website. But we’re changing this when we release the new html5 version of the poker game, then you’ll be able to see how many chips in total you have, as we won’t use pop-up as we do now. The poker game will be embedded in the RP page, with your essential stats in the header.

Like the idea about the blow by blow button to see the replay action!

Thanks, Paul.

It tells you how many chips you have when you take a seat at the tables. Then it deducts the amount to play, and it shows that amount at your seat and deducts when you lose or adds when you win. I would think, by doing the math in your head, you would know and keep up with what total amount you have remaining.

I’m happy that I’m not the only one who badly misses the the total chip count at the tables. I have already opened a topic on this one.

My main goal is to sit down at a table - may be lose a couple of all ins during the processs - and then stand up with more total chips than I had before. The more all ins I lose the more difficult to keep up in my head what is the whole picture.

Today I had a game where I won 3000 chips finally at a 15/30 table but was down 24000 at some point (which was the result of quite a number of lost all ins - truly unlucky hands: eg. coud not make a flopped flush draw five times in a row - the chance for which is astronomically low) and could not keep up in my head with the total.

@rick…you are right about the mental math. Sometimes though I buy in for 500 and win a bunch and lose a bunch and after a few hours can’t quite remember. I also know I can go click on the homepage to see my bankroll, but often that window is beneath my email or something else I was (or should be) working on, and I don’t want to be away from the table during the action. So, I’m glad it will be in the forthcoming upgrade.

@PaulGould…Thanks for considering these ideas. As a pure, green as grass novice I am learning a ton playing here, and sometimes the action is a bit confusing. I have already noticed things making more sense, fortunately, so as I go along I expect to need the helps I suggested a bit less. In my current situation though, the things I suggested would really help me out as I am trying to process so man things at once. I appreciate the opportunity to learn here on this site. Well done!