Noob Handicap

quit handicapping noobs. if you do, force them to play ML until they are in a better rank. its getting old. thats how you fix the donk situation. 90k rank and under get to play NL. 90+k rank, ML. im tired of getting sucked out by 400+k rank and i think i speak for a lot of people. end.

Could you be more specific when you say handicap?

The only handicap anyone has their chip count, something new players will definitely have less of. How would you propose adjusting that?

I think he prefer the rank based on the cipcount , just way too lasy to look it up the forum.

ok, lets start with “Pseudo Random”. ive never said that RP is rigged or anything. its pretty random. BUT, it is pseudo random and i get that. the algorithm does what it was programmed to do. even if it does dole out quads all day one day, FH’s all day the next day etc…

the problem is, in order to keep new players happy the algorithm tends to handicap almost all new players. almost every time i have a 300k+ rank at the table, he/she starts hitting every hand. it happens all the time and not just to me.

what i am proposing is that “ALL IN’s”, which are new players that just ruin other peoples game and the handicapped new players that hit every hand, should all start at ML or some Limit. if they really want to play poker, give them something to work for, like getting out of Limit pot tables. if RP wants to make money, people can buy their way out of the Limit tables. if those arent options, tell your programmers to adjust the algorithm already.

The thing is, Poker is no limit, pp in the past came up with bend the rules for they likening…
No way you can force pp start other then no limit. Its just not an option.
I think in the future will be all in table only, also, some room have under consideration measure the too high all inners and kick them out from that table, leave easy players have they own fun.

And don’t forget, , you just cant please all. every single player want they own rules, then can play with themselves then…

Try go to other room or higher stake.

RNG is not easy, to program… expensive too. Do you wish to pay for it?
I suggested before make several RNG and swap them time to time.
What You say here, basically pointless. Respect, and sorry to say that.
OH, RP-s RNG actually beat most real money site RNG… sooo? Have fun and beat that guys You complain about!

Yar, our RNG is certified by a third party to make sure it’s functional and random. We’ve also run some internal testing on it to make sure it’s really, truly random. (A couple neat articles coming soon on that.)

The main issue with the handicap theory is the dealer doesn’t know, doesn’t care, and doesn’t even want to know who the players are, just that it has to deal cards. In fact, if it was checking every player for every hand, we’d need lots and lots more hardware to run the processing. Millions and millions of hands includes a lot of people! Heck, a lot more work if you’re thinking it checks every card. The dealer deals without regard to rank, chip count, or amount of players. The only limitations are deck size and type of poker. Obviously, you’re going to have less cards in Royal Hold 'em. =)

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“poker is no limit”: not sure what that means but im pretty sure poker has limits hence, Medium Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit and No Limit. anyway, as far as for forcing players to start at any other limit other than NL not being an option, fine. i was brainstorming. i dont think anything i stated was a call for bending the rules in mine or any other players favor. it was a clear, viable and completely rational suggestion. i assumed that if the WSOP app can create certain levels for players to strive for (ie: you cant play certain tables without enough XP points), that RP might be able to limit a players ring game limit options until they have reached a certain rank level.

“cant please all”… again, not asking for mine or any other players personal rules.

Other Rooms: i do it all the time.

§RNG Programming: im sure its not easy to program. do i wish to pay for it? not at all. im not the one making money off of purchased chips but if i were, i would look into it.

RP’s §RNG: i completely agree that the §RNG is one of the best as i have played on many sites including cash sites. also, i will have fun beating guys that i complain about.

thank you for understanding how pointless my concerns, ideas and solutions may have been. i will try to keep any ideas for further improvement to myself in the future.

continually and pointlessly complaining,

thank you for your response. i completely understand RNG and pRNG generators, have viewed RP’s certification as well as the company that certified. unfortunately, it does state in the certification that RP’s RNG is pseudo hence pRNG. whispers- the “p” stands for pseudo.

pseudo meaning, supposed or purporting to be but not really so; false; not genuine.
resembling or imitating.

now, im not saying it isnt “random-ish” but as i stated, its pretty odd to have quads all day one day, FH’s all day the next, 400k+ ranks hitting 98% of their hands dealt and so on. these are all valid observations based on hours and hours of game play almost every day.

anyway, its pretty clear that things will just stand as is. i have no desire to play any other sites and believe that RP is still one of the best sites around for practice. i had only hoped to make a few suggestions in the “suggestions and feedback” category that might aid in the improvement of the site.

thank you for your time,

I think all that pseudo means is that nobody is actually dealing the cards but they are randomly generated as if they have been shuffled. Whats the problem with that

poker is no limit as when invented…

Im glad You got a better view on things now.

RP sadly make very little money out of this… may less then your monthly payment…

This is one reason lots of pp, translaters , moderators help them out in they free time.
to make the play experiance for you better, safer and more fun.

Best regards

i couldnt agree with tony any more. im not a very good rank and it makes it very difficult to get a better one. it seems like everytime i try to play cards we get people going all in with junk cards that should have never been played. i call it playing bingo. push all the chips in and hope to win. it sucks for others that actually want to play cards. there should be a way to stop people from doing that. possiblly open tables for rank only…

No-limit poker is exciting because there is a lot of variance. That means that bad players can get extremely lucky in particular hands or even go on prolonged winning streaks. I promise you that if you are playing good poker you will win on this site against all of the bingo players and other new players. In my opinion they should be free to play if they have the chips, just as we (better players) are free to take their chips when they play badly. They may get lucky sometimes, but in poker skill always wins over a large enough sample size.

People always try to guess what % of poker is skill versus luck. I’d say:
Over 1 hand: 85% luck, 15% skill
Over 100 hands: 40% luck, 60% skill
Over 1000 hands: 20% luck, 80% skill
Over 10000 hands: 3% luck, 97% skill
Over 100000 hands: 1% luck, 99% skill

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Hang on, pseudo means something very specific here. It’s a random number generation alogrithm that uses a set of seed values (which could be provided by a completely random source!) for the sake of speed.

They are used in games, cryptography, and any other source that requires a stream of random information quickly… like dealing cards. =) It’s definitely not a case of it being fake or unreliable.

Wikipedia dives into pRNGs a bit:

(Down toward the bottom, they have some options for testing if anyone is curious. Note that you need a huge sample of data for accuracy, though!)

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Precisely.If you can pay,then you get to play.End of…although it is a little irksome to fold fold fold in the face of endless shoving.

The computer is dependent upon an algorithm that generates the cards dealt.Like all computers currently,this means that it depends on certain very large but fixed (i.e.constant) numbers,and therefore cannot ever be truly “random”.However,it is so nearly random that with 52 cards to choose from it may as well be.I think some players are seeing patterns where none exist in fact.I am sure as can be that if you took a deck and dealt,say,1000 hands,the distributions would be no different from those generated by the computer.If they were,it might only show up after you dealt,oh…10,000,000 hands or some such impossibly high quantity.Any pattern is only going to show up like that.Indeed,one would likely find many more patterns that are not really patterns in hands dealt manually,because of factors like incomplete or poor shuffles,cards sticking together,etc.

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Now there is an idea…Games for those of a certain rank-range.

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good job watson HAHA

There is no solution for the biggest handicap-STUPIDITY. It is always a factor in any gambling. Suck outs happen, people stay in hands they should have bailed on.Just take their money when you can an put them out.

im new to this website but not a new player and i have been put in that rotation where i get high face cards hand after hand and no matter what other people play i either split or beat them…ya im a poker player and that cycle sucks its not playing …but i was reading some posts here and why do people keep saying keeping the new members until a certain rank is bending the rule if everyone plays by the same guideline it is not breaking or bending any rules…2nd the comment about all poker is no limit…well that seems to defeat the ml and pot limit games then doesn’t it …they shouldn’t exists

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There is. Fold, fold, fold untl you have that rockin’ & rollin’ hand, then take the all-inner out.