Some Ideas based on an achievement site I used to use

I think it’d be cool to be able to set yourself goals on this site with a timeframe, for example reach a certain amount in the bank by a certain date, recover from a loss in a certain time, etc. I know it isn’t necessary but I know I can’t be the only one that would like to have a goal set to track how we’re doing recovering or even how well we’re doing over a period.

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Ooh, passed it along and added it to our list. Sounds like a neat idea; could even be used to keep an eye on losses as well. “Say, hey, that was your 37th rebuy this hour, slow up, champ!”

37th rebuy in 1 hour??? Sheesh, I think you need a new hobby ;D

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Not all of us play by your rules, man. Or even the rules of poker.

hahahahahahaha… its possible on bankroll building where you have unlimited rebuys during first 30 minutes, its really fun as everyone play all in , but its also dont cost much chisp, very low, so, you can have this fun for doing something different, but im not agree have it when i play RING GAMES hight or Ellite :)))

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My assumption that high rank is purchased wrong. Some players are incredibly good. My first comment about your source of revenue is valid.

Another subject, slow players the bane of Replay Poker. I wish you had tables for those who do not play multiple tables.

Players who are warned repeatedly about exceeding the time limit should be dropped from that table.

Bottom, line you do a great job–and improving.