Lets Talk MTT Timers

This only concerns MTTs cause thats almost all I ever play…

Suggestion is : Tweak timers a bit. Specifically ( fast - 6 sec, ding with 4 sec to go ) ( normal - 12 sec, ding with 4 sec to go ) but add in a add time button thats graduated and recoups after # hands… each time you ask for time, you get less than before unless you have waited hands to recoup max xtra time… ( for fast max of 4, normal max of 6 )… Since you have to ask for it, those ppl sitt’n out won’t get it and flow of play is increased for all…

Right now, seems fast ( 5 sec ) is ok, but ding is too late if I am playing multiple tables… but normal ( 20 sec ) is way too long and gets abused… also 20 sec to rebuy could be cut to 10 sec…

Maybee one of the staff can explain rational behind current timers to aid in the discussion, I am only thinking of ways to keep the game flowing as we all play…


I agree at least 100%. A time bank would be great. The “bigger” tournies need longer clocks because better players have more to think about.


Time bank would be great as well in ring games and SnGs


Hey! Just checking in to say that this is a pretty awesome suggestion and I’m passing it along to the devs for future consideration. :smile_cat:

It’s a tough balance to ensure people have time to think, especially when we do have some players who are playing multiple games, but we don’t want it to be a slog. This is a creative solution and I’ll see what the team thinks. Thanks for taking the time to tell us your idea!

fizzymint, the playerbase can help brainstorm for mgmt. I started this thread as much to have my fellow players chime in and add to this suggestion, but also thro it out there… To keep it shorter, all the details were not listed… feel free to PM me and I can make a simple reply as to the details.

Not only do I think RP has the best free/no-DL poker site, but thier mgmt seems to be both on the ball concerning problems and by listening to thier playerbase (not by doing everything we want, but keep’n an open mind to possible great ideas). I have only been here 3 months but I like to play here alot… keep up the good work.

I’ve been burnt quite a few times by clock, especially at the 35 sec so to speak, it folded me.It seems my clock is a lot faster than other players

Why is everyone in such a hurry? – the time goes by so fast now you barely have a chance to chat any

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your the greatest

Dilettantes! No time bank affects the speed of the tournament, only the length of time between successive levels of blinds. Besides, when you understand that the tournament is not SnG !!! It is normal that will last longer-the way you want to play a quick game on a cash table and the finish trouble. Many times I play tournaments that last six hours or longer, and somehow I do not cry because of this:grinning:

what are tournment points good for how can the be used

Dillbee, wrong thread for your question, please stay on topic.
Assasin, long story short ( SnG MTT ) are really the same thing… also please stay more on topic plz.

Tournament points are used to see how well you place on the LeaderBoard. Click on promotions and you will see the list and how the points work for different boards.The higher you place the more chips you can win at the end of the month.Hope this helps.

Thank you for explaining in detail. Much appreciated Sharon.

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Thank you Cheatah !

Give them a button that says “I’m thinking” which doubles the time or something. This is poker, not slot machines. Some thought is required. If they have to click a button, it says. “HEY, I’M HERE AND THINKING, GIVE ME A SECOND”. If they are afk, it runs down as normal which is the perfect balance. If it becomes abused, you put a max uses per hour or something. I’ve gotten used to the fast times but as a new player to the site, it’s just silly how fast you’ve made it. Once in a while on a big hand, I want some extra time to make a good decision.

i get the point, it’s often hard to make good decisions when you have a hard hand to play.
but i don’t think that is gonna work because if you can extend the time when you have a big hand it is immediately known by the opponent that you have that if the time is longer then what is usually possible. also when you have the option to do this all the time it’s also a problem because there are also players who like to waste the time until it’s run out without good reason. if you can extend the time even more it would be really annoying for the other players if such a person is playing on your table.
hope this helps.

there are other active threads about the same thing… maybe someone can get better @ combining such simillar topics.

this might be active topic again, so… elsewhere I saw something about a bank…

Let me be crystal clear… if you have such a bank , lets say for 10 seconds max… Once you use what you have, you have to wait hands to recoup time for the bank.

hand 1: uses all 10 seconds ( -10 ) TB 0
hand 2: cannot use bank
hand 3: doesn’t use bank ( +3 ) TB 3
hand 4: doesn’t use bank ( +3 ) TB 6
hand 5: doesn’t use bank ( +3 ) TB 9
hand 6: uses 4 seconds ( -4 ) TB 5
hand 7: doesn’t use bank ( +3 ) TB 8

I only did that as a visual reference to what I mean… it can’t be abused because only gives you time when you really need it… every few hands @ best.

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I disagree, soooo many players abuse the clock by playing several tables at the same time, it`s very
annoying for 8 players to sit and wait for one player to run out the clock every new hand,

I would be happy if the timers would just work consistantly…those things have cost me numerous chips…