Specified raises

how about having the specified raise window pop up as soon as hand starts instead of when it’s your turn? This way you don’t have to rush like a bat out of hell to type in a non specified raise before clock knocks u out of hand?

Would take extra data from servers, aka site/games would slow down. I think also multy table ring players mistakenly may think they set up next act, but any raise change in game and they time may run out if they not keep eye on all table all time. Would be nice tho ATB

OK so expand servers room for memory or data. This is one of the only sites w/o this option. Very critical. I can’t count how many times I wanted to up the raise but ended up just clicking on double raise bcuz time was running out.

This is probably something that can be done easier once we upgrade the game table design later this year. We’re pretty limited with the current client.

I just added your comments to our list for discussion.

Stay tuned for improvements to come. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lesley

thx lesley!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention longireland69, we’ll definitely investigate further if such a change to the betting interface would be an improvement.

longireland69, we did a bit of digging… but it’s sounds like a non-starter to us because if you enter an amount at the very start of the round of betting you will often need to enter a different amount because there is betting you did not expect or you will have to change it. We couldn’t find any other sites that offer this, can you tell us which sites you play on do?