HTML5 Table Release Updates

Release notes for 11/26/19:

  • Improved performance for card animations, smoother dealing, hopefully fix some of the bug reports we’ve seen around “stuck” cards and previous hand cards showing
  • Fix for persistent “Update available” message (explicitly turn off caching for the version check)
  • Fix for the pre-check buttons flickering after each other player takes their turn
  • Added an animation for ‘muck’ - push the cards away from the seat (similar to fold)

The following beta tables have been released:

  • Bird Table (NL Royal) 2/4
  • Brooklyn Bridge (NL Hold’em Turbo) 2/4
  • Corcovado Mountain (NL Hold’em Turbo) 2/4
  • Hamburg Special (NL Hold’em) 2/4
  • Neverland (NL Hold’em) 2/4
  • Paris Cool Down (NL Hold’em) 2/4
  • Plain Sailing (PL Hold’em) 1/2

Further release notes for 12/19/19:

  • Checking a pre-set button now updates the UI immediately (rather than waiting for confirmation from the server).
  • Changed timer color changes to 0-40% > green, 40-80% > yellow, 80-100% > red.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback, whether through the Feedback button at the table or here on the forum. While we’re holding off on replies so we can focus on what we can improve, all of your comments have been shared with our developers and we will continue to make regular updates.


The following beta tables have been released:

  • Clown Alley (PL Omaha) 2/4
  • Tilt-a-Whirl (NL Omaha Turbo) 2/4
  • House of Mirrors (NL Omaha) 2/4

Further release notes for 12/20/19:

  • Animation improvements and shorter delays to improve game pace.

Release notes for 1/21/20:

  • Remove a lot of dealer chat announcements (bets, folds, calls etc)
  • Make the interface responsive - buttons etc are now bigger for larger window sizes
  • Fix for replays not showing hole cards face up
  • Timer now counts down rather than up
  • Clicking the bet value slider now changes the bet in 1xBB increments

Release notes for 1/22/20:

  • Bugfix for some issues related to waiting lists on beta tables.
  • Scaled up the number of servers, which should hopefully reduce some of the lag people were seeing on beta tables.

We would love to get new feedback after these last releases, particularly when it comes to how the game performs and its pace.

If you’ve had any trouble with the game feeling slow, or lagging on your computer in the past, please try out the tables now and share your thoughts through the Feedback button or in this thread. We want to make sure our tables are performing better for most players. Thank you!


Release notes for 1/28/20:

  • Some additional changes were made in order to improve performance. We’re monitoring this to see if it makes a difference, but please continue to use the Feedback button if you notice significant sluggishness.
  • Add support for Play Now/Quick Play to seat a player immediately when the table opens.

Release notes for 1/30/20:

  • Make previous hand id clickable to go to the replay (both on live tables and replays)
  • Player rank is now the same color as the username (i.e. darker) in Player Info tab
  • Folded cards are now more faded and move down slightly in the seat position (your own cards only)
  • Call chips are shown next to pre-turn check boxes

Release notes for 2/10/20:

  • Reworked rendering and animations of cards, chips and timers
  • Drop shadows for cards in Safari now work without causing visual glitches
  • Fixes the bug where reloading a table after you’d folded would hide your cards
  • When placing a bet, a players chips now slide out from their nameplate to the table (on the first bet of a round only)
  • Rotating seats is now animated

We’re hoping some of these animation changes fix the two main bugs we’ve gotten reports about, which are too many community cards (visual glitch only) and hole cards not flipping.

Please let us know what you think with that “Feedback” button on the table!


Release notes for 2/12/20:

  • Updated positioning for seat bet/ante/winnings chips, based on player feedback
  • Minor tweaks that may improve performance on the Edge browser
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We’re rolling out HTML5 tables at new stake levels today – 5/10, 10/20, and 25/50. These will include No Limit and Pot Limit games. Here’s the full list:


NL Holdem

Connemara Lake Turbo 9 max
Iguazu Falls 9 max
Manila Mall Turbo 6 max
Hollywood Boulevard 6 max
Land of Oz 4 max

PL Holdem

The Backwash 9 max

NL Omaha

Bucking Bull Turbo 6 max
Ferris Wheel Turbo 9 max

PL Omaha

Circus Parade Turbo 6 max

NL Omaha Hi/Lo

Abandon Ship Turbo 6 max
Shiver Me Timbers Turbo 9 max

PL Omaha Hi/Lo

Fast Track Turbo 6 max

NL Royal

Mouse Table. 6 max


NL Holdem

Amsterdam Square Turbo 6 max
London Bridge Turbo 9 max
Oslo Opera 6 max
Moscow Red Square 9 max
Halloween Town 4 max
The Clash Heads Up

NL Omaha

Double Loop Turbo 9 max
River Rapids Turbo 6 max
Fire Breathers 6 max
Omaha Clash Heads Up

PL Omaha

Bearded Lady 6 max

NL Omaha Hi/Lo

Crow’s Nest 6 max
Skull & Bones Turbo 9 max
Omaha Hi/Lo Clash Heads Up

PL Omaha Hi/Lo

Six Shooter 6 max

Royal Holdem

Rats Table Turbo 6 max
Royal Clash Heads Up


NL Holdem

Tower of Pisa Turbo 9 max
Maya Temple Turbo 6 max
Amazonian Forest 9 max
Sahara Desert 6 max
Bedrock 4 max
The Combat Heads Up

NL Omaha

Merry-Go-Round Turbo 6 max
Thrill Ride Turbo 9 max
Omaha Combat Heads Up

PL Omaha

Flying Trapeze Turbo 9 max

NL Omaha Hi/Lo

Man-O War Turbo 6 max
Pieces of Eight 9 max
Omaha Hi/Lo Combat Heads Up

PL Omaha Hi/Lo

Gold Rush Turbo 9 max

NL Royal

Rabbit Table Turbo 6 max
Royal Combat Heads Up

Please continue to use the Feedback button in the upper-right corner to give us your thoughts on the table, especially if you run into any issues. Thank you!


Release notes for 2/19/20:

  • Always show friends/notes icons on a seat, shown in gold when the player is a friend or has notes. This should make it more obvious when you have a friend at the table.

Thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts after the releases to the new stakes yesterday! Specific feedback, as @bahia7 provided here, and @MrAmazing3 (along with @Fozman on an earlier release) shared here, is a huge help to our team. Our devs will be reviewing your reports and finding ways to improve your experience.

UPDATE: We’re also getting reports from some players about tables being “cut off” at the bottom – where they aren’t able to see the bottom of the table. The automatic screenshot from Usersnap is not capturing this error. If you notice this happening, please send a screenshot of what you see on your screen. That could be helpful in us pinpointing the issue. Thank you!


Players who signed up for our closed beta test several months ago will now see SnG tables available for testing. These tables are currently only available to these testers and are listed in the SnG Lobby as [HTML5 Beta] 6-Max SnG and [HTML5 Beta] 3-Max SnG. You may need to refresh your Lobby to find them.

We have a couple of known bugs you should be aware of and do NOT need to report:

  • When you bust out, you’ll get a pop-up announcing your placement. This pop-up will occur every hand you spectate thereafter. It’s annoying, and we’re going to fix it!
  • The info tab may continue to display that you’re in first place after you’ve been busted out.

Please report any other bugs you find via the Feedback thread, along with your general thoughts. We’re looking for specific feedback on how the tournament feels to play, and what you’d like to see in the Info Tab (more? less?). Thanks for your help!

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Release notes for 2/24/20:

  • Hand strength now above cards
  • Don’t show intent checkboxes when all-in
  • Fix for chat auto scroll

In order to receive more feedback, we’ve opened up SnGs to testing for all.

You can currently find these new HTML5 tables on all No Limit (Royal, Omaha, Omaha H/L, Holdem) featuring a buy-in up to 2K chips (excluding Replay Winter Game events).

We’ll also be doing a test run of MTTs beginning with the following:

  • Cat’s Eye (2K buy-in / NL Holdem) scheduled at 8:30 ET
  • 25K New Player Freeroll scheduled at 8:45 ET (you will need to create a new account to register to this one)
  • The Beast (2.5K buy-in / NL Holdem) scheduled at 10:30 ET
  • Satellite to 7.5K MTT (2.5K buy-in / NL Holdem) scheduled at 10:45 ET

Please note that these may only be HTML5 temporarily if we discover any major issues.

Further release notes for 2/27/20:

  • Layout/sizing improvements

Thanks again to those of you who have left specific feedback about both ring and SnG tables.


Thanks for the quick reports! We have some issues with rebalancing (i.e. one person left at a table) and info tab (chip leader and other information not being shown) that we’re working on fixing. HTML5 MTTs may be temporarily disabled while we make fixes.

EDIT: We’ve temporarily rolled back HTML5 SnGs at 1k and 2k entries to address player feedback. The 500 entry games are still HTML5 and we welcome any further comments.


Because we now have 500 chip entry SnGs available for testing, and plan to re-release more once we’ve fully reviewed player feedback, we have removed the closed beta tables. Thanks to all who participated!


We’re rolling out the remaining HTML5 tables at the 2/4, 5/10, 10/20, and 25/50 stakes. These are Fixed and Mixed Limit games. Below is the list:

  • 2/4

ML Holdem
Flame Spinel Turbo 9 max

  • 5/10

ML Holdem
Black Pearl 6 max

FL Holdem
Coral Room Turbo 9 max

  • 10/20

FL Holdem
Beryl Room 6 max
Mica Room 9 max

ML Holdem
Star Sunstone Turbo 9 max

FL Omaha Hi/Lo
Gun Shark Turbo 6 max

  • 25/50

FL Holdem
Moonstone Room Turbo 9 max

ML Holdem
Faceted Onyx 6 max

FL Omaha
Flaming Hope Turbo 9 max

FL Omaha Hi/Lo
Medicine Man Turbo 9 max

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Hi all! I have quite a few updates to share today since I’ve been out of town. The following releases have occurred over the past week, through yesterday morning:

  • Tournament info panel fix
  • Fix for tournament countdown timing
  • Improvement to timeout calculation
  • Fix to not flash betting controls or play your turn sound effects when a pre-turn intent is selected
  • Fix for check/fold pre-turn intent in tournaments
  • Fixes for Chrome 49 and Edge 17 layout issues
  • Improved handling of pre-turn intents
  • Improved handling of timeouts
  • Number input fix for Safari

Release notes for 3/19/20:

  • Smaller default window size and design. This should allow for easier multi-tabling. You can click the bottom right corner and drag to resize the window and make it larger.
  • New sitting out seat state. Players will be greyed out and easier to determine who’s away.
  • Performance improvement for timer bar.
  • Show hole cards side-by-side for Holdem/Royal. This should make cards more legible for many folks.