Re-seating not opening new table

last week i was reseated but had to open the new table myself, thought it was a fluke, today same thing, i did notice it tried to open my new table but it loaded my previous (lobby showed previous too, last week it was current)

Yeah, there is still a few “ glitches “ in the system but you already know you to contact support for faster service.

Hi @LarryLaffer,

So sorry for the issues. If your new table is not showing up, you can keep track of all the tournaments you’re currently registered in under “My Games & Tournaments” on the right side of the Dashboard and this should force an auto update in your account to show your new table.

I hope that info helps. If you have any other questions, please write to us at and we’ll be ready to assist.

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Thank you, good to know

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wasnt so much looking for service but for awareness