Lobby page displays out of date info

It seems that the data displayed on the main lobby page is out of date more or less constantly. More than half the time, if I try to join a SNG table, I find that the table has already filled, even though the lobby reports that it still has empty slots. Filled tables don’t drop off the list even with “hide running” enabled.

Likewise, a table that had a player registered who left shows that it still has the player registered long after they gave up and left the table. I click the link and find the lobby is empty, but go back to the main lobby page, refresh, and it still hasn’t updated to reflect the correct number of players registered at the table at present.



RP has always had problems updating accurately. It seems to be much, much worse with the new tables though.

I noticed these problems long before the new tables begun. I thought a solution might be we the players are able to request a table be closed/deleted, reset and/or restarted as a new table. I would guess that RP servers are generally up to date & accurate but “we” the player are not getting up to date info. Hence maybe the request could simply be to get current update data.

Its deff frustrating trying to start or join a table that is a ghost and doesn’t exist.

I have seen this for a long time, too, but I agree with you it seems to be much more prevalent with the HTML5 tables. Also, refreshing doesn’t seem to do anything to update the state of the table info in the main lobby page, and you’d think it would.

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Yea I don’t have that kinda faith in RP… I think its more important to say it should!!! Im sure replay dont have their heads in the sand deep enough not to know that there is significant issues with info/data not being updated in all areas of the replay poker site - for a long period of time, not just recently. For a long time I’ve just endured & ignored.

I have noticed problems with players appearing offline 40mins ago after I played a ring game less than 10 mins ago. RP says 6 mods online & when I check which mods are online only 2 mods are actually online. RP also often says more players are currently playing than are online, which is an impossibility - something I never noticed with the old tables. I’ve joined waiting list on ring games & apparently have been waiting for 1 day to join.

Bottom line is I think players & RP should address this long standing issue. I feel your pain. Its particularly a thorn in the side when trying to navigate the SnG lobby. Its just a lil annoying RE ring games.

“more players playing than are currently online” This could be because many players play two or more tables at once, particularly in ring games.


Its possible, but unlikely. Seated should be the number of different players actually seated. I doubt it would count a player as “seated” for each individual table they play. I’ve never noticed the seated figure more than the online players before, the new tables were introduced. Seems to be a new update problem.