Replay Poker's Next Chapter!

Wow time flies! It’s just over a year since I last posted on the forums. Well, it’s been a busy 12 months, and I’m proud of what our team has achieved in that time, with the biggest recent milestone being the switch from Flash to HTML5. Finally we can play Replay Poker on the go, on our mobile or tablet. Hurrah!

There’s still much work to be done of course with new features and performance improvements in the works. But most importantly we’ve eliminated the threat faced from the major browsers discontinuing support for Flash in the next 12 months. Replay Poker is now set up to continue its growth: spreading the joy of poker to the world and celebrating its greatest card game!

As anyone who’s checked out our About Us page will know, we’re a small team. We’ve worked super hard to get this far and we know there’s still much work to get done. It’s thanks to the generosity of our players who purchase chips or leave us a tip that we’ve been able to both keep the site free to play, and slowly grow the team and the website over the past 10+ years.

I am a huge believer that Replay Poker has great potential, and in order to realise it, I believe it’s time for me to pass on the reins, step back, spend some more time with my young family and look for my next challenge.

So I’m very pleased to announce that I’m handing over leadership to Thibault Richard-Folian, the colleague I’ve worked closely with as my COO for almost 4 years – better known to you on the site as Shakeraise. There’s no-one better positioned to continue the great progress we’ve made in recent years and fulfill our vision to be the go-to place for passionate poker players to play great poker and improve their game.

No doubt, you’re wondering what this all means for you, the player. Well to be quite honest, you’re probably not going to notice much difference - at least not to start with. The wonderful team working on Replay are all staying on, and our product roadmap, vision, mission and values continue to guide our progress. The company is remaining privately held, and we’ll be increasing resources in order to accelerate our growth. So in the coming months you’ll see new faces on the staff roster, and an even faster turnaround on bug fixes and features. For example, we’ll be doubling down on mobile with dedicated mobile apps launching in 2021 and working on highly requested features like 7 card stud.

I’m really excited about what the future holds for Replay, and hope now to finally have more time to play on the site and improve my poker skills. See you at the tables!

Paul Gould aka MrReplay


We will love Thibault, of course, but we will miss you, Paul. What a gift you’ve given with this free poker site! I will be ever grateful.


The players in Our Family deeply appreciate the product of Your effort. Do enjoy some playtime on the Site and best of luck. Gator


Congrats to Thibault , who I don’t know but am sure will do a great job taking over. I have had a few conversations with you over the years and you always took the time to listen to suggestions and work with the members. Thanks for making Replay a great site , now you might have time to join a league ( haha). Enjoy the time with your family.


i wish you all the best in everything you plan to do afterwards and have fun with the extra time you have with your family. i’m grateful for all the time and effort you put into the site to make it as it is now. i really like replay and i assume many players have the same opinion.

kind regards, mitchel aka yiazmat


Congrats Thibault!!! Job well done Paul over the years. Time to enjoy your family and on to the next challenge in life to conquer and enjoy, it’s what keeps us young. Small staff indeed but it takes a village and a strong community to keep things going. Looking forward to more exciting times here on Replay.

Thibault, if you need anything or I can be of assistance give me a shout!!!



I almost didn’t believe it when I first heard about this, but I guess it’s true. This also explains why Shakeraise’s image appeared on a piece of my toast a few days ago.

Congrats and good luck moving forward, I’m sure Replay is in great hands.

Thanks also to Paul, for listening to my occasional grumblings over the years. Hope to see you at the tables sometime.


So can’t wait on the mobile app!

Thanks for all the best wishes everyone, much appreciated!

Craig_Anthony summed it up brilliantly when he said “Small staff indeed but it takes a village and a strong community to keep things going”. We’ve punched above our weight all these years because early on we recognised just that… and now it’s part of our DNA.


Congrats to the incoming person and kudos to the outgoing person. I never had the privilege to meet either person but the moment I started playing on Replay I knew this site was put together and held together by some very astute and savvy people who knew how to make other people happy, and keep them satisfied. Replay Poker is a very special site run by very special people. Thanks so much.


Sorry to see you go Paul. You were very helpful to me with the one incident I had
with replay. I am sure you are leaving the site in good hands.
Thanks so much for giving your time to a great site!

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Mr Replay…what a bummer as I never got to take your chips in Bust the Staff tourney, lol! Well, maybe now but will u still be regarded as STAFF? lolol Gl in your retirement!

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Its sad to see You go Paul. I think You made a huge different to this site. Good thing You did manege the HTML5. I think I still got the msg where You refuse to the idea to HTML5. Anyway, im glad You did it. Good luck !

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This is a pretty sad news. Good luck in your next endeavor, anyway.

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