HTML5 Table Release Updates

In order to keep everyone updated on releases that our tech team is pushing out, I’ll be posting the latest fixes and changes that have gone out to our HTML5 tables as they happen. These patch notes will be short and sweet, but we welcome any players to contact us at if you have questions.

This first update went out yesterday at 9am ET:

  • Remove resize handle on the notes textarea
  • Improved typography on splash screens
  • Increase betting action button text size
  • Darker font color in focused number inputs
  • Empty seat is less prominent
  • Winner chat announcements are bold
  • Increase spacing between community cards
  • Animated current player indicator
  • Automatically select a player by default when selecting the “Player Info” tab
  • Close modal windows when the user clicks outside them (or presses the escape key)
  • Fade out “Sit out next hand” control until it’s hovered
  • Don’t bring the seat nameplate to the front when hovering
  • Improved window titles
  • Fix for buyin when joining a table with less than the default bring amount in the bank
  • Scroll chat input when typing so you can see the end (rather than cutting it off)
  • Allow the colon to be copied from the chat history
  • Fix chat in replays
  • Add ability to mute individual users
  • Add feedback for sitting in/standing when sitting out
  • Improve support for larger window sizes
  • Disable action buttons after click to prevent click spamming

Release notes for 10/15/2019:

  • Improved seat positioning and sizing
  • Bigger cards
  • Bigger default window size
  • Responsive sizing on the playing area (making the window bigger/smaller will resize game elements to make better use of the available space)
  • New sound effects
  • Volume control is now a slider rather than on/off
  • Folded cards display improvement
  • Better player mute/report icons

As we continue our beta test, we’d also like to encourage testers to try out specific things while they’re at the tables. Here are a few things we’d suggest if you’re a tester playing some hands in the next few days. Please be sure to report all your thoughts via the Feedback button so it goes directly to our developers.

  • Add chips several times during a pot to see if you get the amount you expect. (Don’t forget to take note of whether you win the pot and take your win or loss into account!) Do you think the green dealer chat information is valuable?
  • Check out how easily you’re able to reload when you lose an all-in. Is it easy to determine how not to have to sit out a hand?
  • Leave a seat and sit elsewhere to get position on an opponent. Is it intuitive?
  • Make some notes on opponents. See if those notes are still there the next day, or at another beta table.

Thanks for your help!


Release notes for 10/21/2019:

  • Hitting enter in the bet/raise value field will trigger the bet or raise
  • Fix “seat me anywhere” flashing when sitting from the waiting list
  • Properly handle errors when opening tables
  • Fix missed dead Small Blind
  • Add custom data to Usersnap reports
  • Add notice when the app is about to be updated
  • Fix scrollbars when resizing below minimum size
  • Fix clicking on chip slider to increase/decrease bet value

In order to make the cards larger, the default size of the table is bigger than it currently is on our live tables.

Beta testers, could you please try sitting and playing at 3+ different tables (especially if you’re someone who currently likes to multi-table) and let us know how that feels? Are you able to manage it as normal? Does it feel unwieldy? Please report your thoughts via the “Feedback” button in the upper right.

Thanks and looking forward to your comments!

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Release notes for 10/23/2019:

  • Fix invalid raise option for Small Blind players
  • Sit dialog now closes if the reservation times out
  • Show all side pots individually
  • 1/2 pot preset is now always available (even when the value is the same as min)
  • Potential connection improvements

Please use the “Feedback” button to report any disconnection issues or any other comments about the latest update. Thank you!


Release notes for 10/29/2019:

  • Chip animations improvements
  • Dead blinds display bug fix
  • Updated sound effects
  • Rake positioning
  • Firefox resize fix
  • Various other minor bugfixes

We’re still looking for additional feedback from testers on multi-tabling. Please try playing on several tables and let us know your impressions with the “Feedback” button. Thank you!


Release notes for 11/5/2019:

  • Omaha Hi/Lo Support
  • Pot value fix
  • Silence “You must be seated” errors
  • Close table fix

Omaha and Hi/Lo tables have been added for testers. We encourage you to check them out! As always, please report any bugs or suggestions you have via the “Feedback” button. Don’t hesitate to share even the smallest opinion about the tables!

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Test table names have changed slightly in the Lobby. They now have a [Beta] prefix instead of [New Server].

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Release notes for 11/12/19:

  • Themed tables for different game types (felt color and logo changes) - Omaha Hold’em is purple now!
  • Add Getting Started pop-up to solicit feedback
  • Retain chat history when reloading tables due to missed updates
  • Remove users from the waiting list when they’re seated
  • Improved update system (should always grab the latest version when opening a table)
  • Fix for chip drop shadow colour on MS Edge browser

Release notes for 11/13/19:

  • Improvements to prevent table freezes for flaky connections
  • Chat input is now capped at maximum message length
  • Spectator count is never negative
  • PSOB now shows “Raise” rather than “Bet” when facing a bet
  • Top up confirmation shown after the finish hand announcement
  • Third-party animation library upgrade (should give an animation performance boost)
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Release notes for 11/14/19:

  • Fix for invalid pre-check buttons (no longer show bet/raise when it would put you all-in)
  • Experimental fix for jitteriness with scrollbars on some browsers

Testers, please let us know if you still see the shaky tables when you test. Report via the feedback button if it happens, and let us know what was happening at the table (were you playing as normal, or was the table in the background while you were in a different window?). Thanks!

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UPDATE: The shakiness fix has been temporarily rolled back as it was causing issues on some browsers. I’ll update when this goes back in.

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Release notes for 11/18/19:

  • Silence all “You must be seated at the table…” errors
  • Better browser detection & redirect for unsupported browsers
  • Fixes for animations in Safari (removed shadows from cards and chips in that browser as they were causing the problem)
  • Improvements to chat scrolling behavior
  • Seat rotation is retained when reloading the window
  • Fix for clipped seat nameplates at certain window sizes
  • Added some styling to Show/Muck buttons
  • Settings panel is now available to non-seated users
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Release notes for 11/19/19:

  • Fix to ensure folded cards continue to appear as faded when reloading the window
  • Fix for users who timeout, “Sit Out Next Hand” will become checked if they’re being sat out
  • Fix for usernames and role colors in beta table replays

We’ve had some reports of freezing from some users, but have had trouble reproducing this. If any testers could include what happened when a freeze occurred, it would help us get a fix in. For instance, did you just click into the window, did it just become your turn, did you just fold, etc.

Thank you!

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A quick note to mention that reporting feedback as it happens is most helpful, since the feedback tool will automatically grab a screenshot for our devs. However, I understand that some may not want to interrupt their play. If you prefer to wait until later to report your feedback, copying the hand number where you ran into the issue and including it in your report would be a great help.


Release notes for 11/21/19:

  • Unsupported browser screen
  • Chat color tweaks
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Our first beta tables have gone live to all!

These are currently called [Beta] The Duck Pond, though soon it will no longer say “Beta” and it will replace the current Duck Pond tables as players leave the Flash version.

The following beta tables are now live for all players:

  • The Duck Pond
  • Wild Territory
  • The Artificial Lake
  • The Aquarium

These will fully replace our Flash tables once existing players begin to leave those.