New Replay

Hi Paul,

I was wondering when the new Replay was going to launch.


We’re actually working on three things right now:

  • A new website design - A mobile app so you can play ReplayPoker on your phone - An html5 client to replace the existing flash client

We aim to launch them in that order, so the new website design hopefully before the end of the year and the mobile app before the end of January, with the html5 client some time in February. Of course these are our best guestimates right now, so I don’t want to disappoint anyway by saying those dates are set in stone, but if we do get delayed along the way, which is quite possible, given all the little tweaks, enhancements, and bug fixes we can’t resist doing each week, it shouldn’t be much behind those estimates.

In short, there’s lots of work in progress, and lots to look forward to!

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the league section has been down for the past 2days on the new replay

The tech division hopes to solve it today. Sorry for the inconvenience.