Give money

how do I give money to another player

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Hi seabee,
If you scroll down to “bank” from the drop down menu on the Dashboard, you will see details of how to buy chips either for yourself, or at the bottom you can click the “buy for friend” option.
You cannot donate your own chips to a friend, you can only buy chips for a friend.
Hope this helps, and good luck at the tables.


Just curious? Why can we buy chips for a friend but not give them some of ours? Does it have to do with this site making as much money as they can? I thought it was a friendly site, been told this the MANY times i been muted for calling a bingo player a Donk but i cannot be friendly and give some chips to another person, hmmm lol.

Don’t know if this is the right place. but i want to buy chips and all i have is gift cards from walmart and they would not go through! which gift.card from walmart can i use? thanks

also can you send me an email that explains it? thanks

Unfortunately none of them.

Hi @bill8888,

Sorry for the very delayed response here. We don’t have the ability to transfer chips from one player to another to avoid making multiple accounts and chip dumping. I hope that helps.

Hi @DoNotWorry,

Our site doesn’t accept gift cards.

Still do not understand why i cannot transfer 500,000 of my chips to a friend BUT buy them chips?

This has nothing to do with multiple accounts, basically it is the same as buying them chips.

The site sells chips to make a profit it is that simple…no profit no Replay!
Defeats the purpose if players can give chips to one another.
Kind of like when playing in a real money tournament another player GIVES a friend at the table some of his chips lol. Get it now? Replays sells in order to make a profit and pay exspenses :roll_eyes:

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how do i buy chips then?

Click the button that says “ Get Chips “



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i’ts not about me getting chips! I want to give $$ to Replay because of what Colby just said!
but if they don’t take gift cards. I can’t give Replay $$ because I don’t have a bank card!!

Isn’t buying chips the same as giving money to Replay Poker ?

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Not being funny but i have a great idea… Like EVERY place has gift cards now, even the donut store. Re-play should sale gift cards and we can buy them and give them out as presents to people who we know like poker or our friends on here that only have a few chips. This is something i would buy and give as one guy would not let me buy him chips (he said no charity) but if i sent it to him i am sure he would use it.


While RP is a free site and requires no payment to play the site does have expenses. The type and number of servers that RP must use, and more so if they belong to another organization, are expensive to run. I never see any ads so as far as I can tell the only non chip income is from the items in the online store. Selling chips is their main source of income. I would still like to see the Tip Jar returned is accept credit card donations.

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That sounds like a you problem. Who doesn’t have a bank account on this day an age?! Unless you’re a minor… Take those walmart gift cards elsewhere.

My Question is where did the Tip Jar go, doesn’t show anymore or at least where it used to be?