Can I send chips to a friend?

I would like to help get my friend started here by sending him some chips. Is it possible?

At this time you can not gift chips to anyone. Maybe possible late on.

Yeah, not right now… but the consensus seems to think it’s a good idea, up to a certain limit per friend; perhaps 100K. Let us know what you think?!

Generally I’m against, if anyone being count on the help, the game will be terrible, and there will to stop the difference between the RP and the other sites, … will remain just good and helpful staff.

Maybe I’m contradictory, because sometime I “helped”, but it is a fact which will probably downgrade this site.

Most “real” poker sites prohibit gifting to prevent cheating/collusion. I would recommend that it not be allowed here.

I agree with all of the above. At one time I didn’t think it was a bad idea but then I got to thinking that I want to win on my own. I don’t have the most chips but they are all mine.

I think it could be controlled by putting a time limit on when it could be done. Perhaps only within the first week of joining? Kind of like a “welcoming” gift from a freind. Or maybe it can only be done for someone you have invited in, and only when they joiin?

Thanks for the feedback, so the consensus seems to be the opposite then! If that’s the case we won’t add it, perhaps it’s time for another poll…!

We were thinking of allowing purchase of chips for another player. I think this avoids the collussion issue, as it would only be at the point of purchasing the chips that you can give the full amount to another player. I guess it would be mostly used when for example it was someones birthday and you wanted to buy them some chips as a gift.

I think that is a good idea about purchasing chips for someone as a birthday present or whatever.

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You can’t pass someone chips from your own bankroll and I don’t recommend trying to do so via sitting at a table and “dumping”. You can, however, buy a friend a stack of chips for as little as $2 (60,000 chips) if I recall correctly.,