Donating Chips

Just wondering if there’s a way to give chips to another player out of ur own chip stack in the bank… Not interested in buying for someone else just transferring a few out of my meager stack… lol Lemme know pls and ty

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I am afraid you are not permitted to donate any chips from your own stack, but you can buy chips as a gift to another player.
I hope you enjoy your games on Replay.


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As other posters have mentioned, donating chips to other players is not permitted. I imagine a major reason for this is the daily bonus and top-up. If a user were to set up multiple accounts (also not permitted!), he could farm these free chips many times over and just donate them to his main account. By not permitting donations, RP raises the barriers to this type of abuse.

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I “donate” chips all the time. I am a veritable ATM for donating chips. However, nobody ever thanks me.


Let me be the first! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Me too been donating now for about 2 1/2 years with bad beats I call that a donation. whatever it takes RP LMAO… :slight_smile:

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