hi everyone,
i was wondering,whether Replay could could high light our friends, when we are sitting on the same table. to be easier recognizable. i myself use the notes app to see if i have a friend on the table.but this stops me from using this app for the true usage,[good player,bluffer,etc]
I suggest a different colour note to designate a friend, to a note showning a players form…please give feed back and does anyone have a better suggestion .I think its good to know if we have friends sitting on our table at a glance
thanks Mick


Good news! On the new HTML5 tables, when you pass your cursor over another player’s name, a small figure of a human pops up to the name’s right if you’re friends (a different one pops up if you’ve made a note on that player). This is not true on “old” tables. And, yes, you and I are already friends.


That’s an improvement but why not just have it there instead of us having to pass over every player at the table? Just have it automatically there.

If you click on someone on the old tables, it will say send friend request or you are friends. However, it is still hard to know if you are really friends, since it will say you are when one of you has sent a request, even if the other person has not responded. Unfortunately, the new tables hide everything, so you have to click on every new player to even see if you have notes on them.

aah thats great news

yes thats a good idea too

yes is good and bad …be better if you could see without the cursor

We’re working on ways to make friends (and notes) more visible at our new tables, and are currently trying something out now that may make it out to beta soon. Keep an eye out on our release announcements. :slight_smile:


On the new tables today, if you have a friend, it will highlight in gold, same if you have a note. You no longer have to look at each player.

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sounds great looking forward to it fizzymint
played on new table recently and was brought to my attention ,
that the color on the playing cards could be bolder or darker.
i feel that they could be larger in size,
thanks mick

thanks for the heads up