Hi all,i was wondering if you could get some sort of icon to denote our friends when they are seated at a table with us? Something like the note icon we have :)) Please consider doing this I have some friends I play with all the time but there are others that sit and I don’t realize it and I don’t want to appear rude. Please people if you want this please respond and Replay try to light a fire under whoever is in charge and make it happen :)’

Great idea.

In the meantime, we can all greet every new arrival with warmth and enthusiasm, as if they were a friend. And maybe they will become your friend. And maybe… just maybe, one day we will all be friends, and we can join hands in a poker player circle that will ring the globe, and we can sing “We Are the World” in 17 different languages, and we will be happy and have the record for the world’s biggest ring game!

Hi HenCat2,

When you are sitting at a table with a friend, click on their name and you will see you have the ability to add a note about a player. Any note you put on the player will show when you next see him/her at a table which will remind you that they are a friend.

Hope this helps

I get that grapevine but my idea is so much easier than going around a table clicking ev1’s name lol
Sun I do greet everyone …that is not the point I was making :slight_smile:

Sorry, I get a little carried away sometime.

You don’t have to click on everyone’s name, if you have put a note on the player it will show on the table

I didn’t know about the note thingie. Thanks!

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I am pretty sure HenCat2 was thinking more like having a diff symbol to show friends , not the same one as the notes … something like this friend


I love this idea Sharon and the symbol would be great!! Putting a symbol like that would be very helpful. One glance would tell you it is a friend…a note could be anything from donk fish to #&^%#$*&@# lol

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a lot of people find it handy to know their friends names…

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Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
You wanna be where you can see
Our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name


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Great idea, i have mentioned this a few times but it never went anywhere.

Should they be considered friends if u dont know their name or u dont know or remember them? I know many people delete friends if they havnt spoken to them in years or they dont say hi or talk at a table for example, thats why they have the manage friends button. Guess thats up to each individual. If u review your friends list once in awhile u should be able to memorize them fast by just scrolling down the list clicking on manage friends and remember their pics that go with the name helps too… I think if u had 500 or 1,000 or more it would be hard for some but 35 u could do one look or scroll and remember the ones u forgot about pretty fast, just a suggestion so replay doesnt have to do extra work to add this.