Invite new player?

Hi – I’ve seen Replay encourage me to invite a player to an empty seat when I’ve joined a table with empty seats.

That’s really cool – I like the prompt for that. But, when I try to pick someone, it’s in alphabetical order, not if they are online. Why would I invite someone offline to join me online? I have 333 friends right now on Replay: they’re not going to be online all the time.

Can the ‘invite players’ seats have online players prioritized in the list, please, so I can invite ppl who are on the site at that moment?

Thanks so much, and thanks so much for building Replay. L


That’s a great suggestion @lisaaaa, thank you! I passed it on to our Team. :slight_smile:


@lisaaaa while we look into this suggestion, you can type up the name of the friend you want to invite to instantly bring up the player you want to invite. Thanks again for giving us feedback.


Oh that’s going to be cool - thanks a lot!

The blue the text drives me mad it overpowers the other players - the invite should blend in not be in your face and drive you mad when on a table that it is distracting

Not against the idea but would love to see also an option where you can mute the invite maybe even have it in your personal settings - that way a player gets to choose what they see :slight_smile:


also when I get an IN game message whilst I am playing I hate that big message at the top - I should be allowed to say do not disturb as if i click not now and player then invites me again it is there again

or why not just have a little icon next to my name when playing which shows I have a message I can the decide to action - as it stands it hurts my eyes due to the over bright blue and also find it intrusive and should be a personnel setting only


Agree on all :+1:t2: