Friend request wrks and sometimes not

friend request button doesn’t appear and then on some friends requests appears and vise versa

I guess I should rephrase this question…why is there a not a button for a friends request not showing for some?
I had seen several people not seeing a friend request button

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That’s a feature you can turn off if you don’t want to receive friend requests.

where is that located?

ok got it figured it out thanks for those that tried to help this poker navigation site dummy gal LOL
carry on hope to see some of ya!

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since my last visit on here and reply im still having problems trying to connect to add a player as a friend and they are having the same issue. I went into my notifications in my settings, made sure the box checked to receive friends. They are still not able to see the box next to my name or I can’t see the box to add them…when testing at a table of players I am able to see where I can request…just this one Player and I are having problems…is this a glitch or is it on their end they need to fix. I told them how to fix it and they still can’t resolve. I assure you I am not a BOt lol…

They will fix the problem.

If you are at a table with a player you wish to friend click on their profile and you should get a “send friend request” button. Click on that and they will get your request. It will appear on the top bar of the home page. It is the first of those icons on the top bar . Scroll across them and you will see what I mean. They need to accept in order to become a friend. Your friend request should be in their inbox to accept.

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we both did try that and nothing…I tried to help the other person step by step but was hard as it could of disrupted the table when trying to talk. I since then went to tech support and waiting to resolve it. “Fingers crossed.”

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Glad you did. They will resolve the issue. :+1:t2:

could we please get a notification when we get a friend request? We get one for messages and we need one for friend requests!

Hi Hobo Soup,
The second imagine in the picture from your Dashboard will show a notification when you received a friend request.
Hope this helps

it doesn’t unless you click on it to look. I mean a notification you would recieve that tells u to go look lol

We get a notification that we got a Good Sport or whatever …not sure if you are understanding what i mean?

When you go to your ‘settings’ , scroll down to t he 2nd line ‘Notification Settings’ , you tick on the ’ receive friend requests’
You will get an email when someone has send you a friend request.

On the picture grapevine posted, when you get a friend request it will show a number in red on the people icon.

Hope this answers your question.

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that hasn’t worked in sometime. I’ve had friends request and no number popped up in people icon. I check friends requests frequently just make sure nobody’s tried to add me as a friend. it only lights up when someone accept a friends request that I have sent them

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@HoboSoup @BBQ-THYME

Tiandra’s suggestion is correct and a very simple solution.

Hi Everyone…I got a response form tech support so this makes sense…here is what happens…for those of you that may have the same issue…
If you sent a friend request in the past or If the recipient denies or leave it as pending (meaning, the person hasn’t responded), you won’t be able to send another friend request.

What I would like to know is why this cant be reset for the friend request after a certain amount of time??

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You have the option to remove the friend request on the player’s profile page and then resend it.

You know how you get a lightup when someone endorses you and you get a lightup when you have a message? Why can’t we get a lightup when someone sends a friend request??? Not everyone checks their email everyday (me). I get requests and they sit there dor days without me knowing.