Feature ideas


I’m a member for a month, and I noticed some weird things, also I have a couple of ideas. First of all, sorry for my poor english.

  1. Saved hands
    I can only check my 10 latest saved hands. Why there isn’t a pagination? http://i.imgur.com/LCFavwr.png

  2. Filter my hands
    I have pocket aces and I won the pot
    I had straight and everyone folded
    my hands against a specific player

  3. Chat
    Send message to a specific player during the game, not private message (with different color than the table chat messages) e.g: “/myFriendName Hi buddy, what’s up?”
    Improve the chat possibilities with smileys, quick emotion buttons (e.g. nice hand, bad beat…)

  4. Better interface
    I think it’s really poor. Sit out next hand checkbox? Terrible. It’s not what checkbox is for. A button maybe with confim? Would be more elegant.

  5. Flash
    I’m a web developer so I understand why flash, but an HTML5 alternative would be great.

  6. If the other player is “all in” with less than the amount of big blind, and you are the big blind
    I belive it was an accidental fold (happened to me the same, but I called)
    This should be auto call.

+1 “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”
I’m still not a trusted member after a month? I created cool screenshots to illustrate my ideas, and now I have to remove them.

I hope you understand my thoughts.



Good ideas all around! Thanks so much for the feedback. I suspect the big boss may roll through to offer some comments too, so I’ll limit to what I know. =)

We’re actually working on an HTML5 version of the game client right now – we’re looking forward to it too!

We’ve been talking about adding some sort of quick chat that could include emoticons… hmm!

I also really like the idea of being able to whisper to another player, but have some concerns about the paranoia that might induce… hehe.

As for the trust level, we’re still experimenting with the settings in the forum software. That’s based more on your forum activity than account age. This thread should definitely help. =)

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1,Before all hand could be see back
2, Will be soon a new stats, similar what you suggest
3, Will be smileys ( for muted pp too) Colors is keept for other things and distracting others. May not a good idea.
4, You right about the chatbox, 4-5 years ago I did mention it how bad and what is bad about it, did try explain different ways, unfortunately noone understand that time. May becouse my logic.
5 HTML on the way. :grinning: (any good? Need a website… one more, I believe you are Hungarian.)
6, you may find a bug. I find myself over 100. Keep looking for it!
7, You need post more, not time.
I do.

Colors is keept for other things

I know. Black is the dealer, green is global, blue the table chat, but…
according to wikipedia: “The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors” :smiley:

I believe you are Hungarian

Yes, I am.

Are you good? Feed up with the existing guy.

Great feedback, thanks for sharing!

1. Saved Hands Pagination - It’s funny you should mention pagination for the Saved Hands and Latest Hands, it’s going live today!
2. Filtering Hands - Do you mean on the activity report?
3. Private Chat at the Table - I think the problem with private chat in the game, is that it could be easily used for collusion between players. Emoticons we’d love to add, but we’re waiting for HTML5.
4. Better Game Interface - Again waiting for HTML5.
6. Auto Call Bug - We’ll check this out in case it is a bug.

About the trusted member permissions, I’ll have a chat with Greg about it and see if we it makes sense to loosen them a bit.

Could we also get preferred seating into the client? On all the other clients I play on I always seat myself at the bottom of the screen, I have to work really hard to remember to look elsewhere on Replay poker. I have actually missed hands especially when I get moved to another table and a different position on that table from the previous one.

I get easily confused :frowning:

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Must need option.

Also, it would be nice to be able to customise the client with different card displays and table felts etc. Not sure how possible that would be on HTML5. Would certainly make the whole experience more enjoyable…if that’s possible

Thank you for the feedback!

  1. I’d like to search in my hands history, something like this: http://i.imgur.com/2T8lENM.png
  2. I understand it could be collusion, so this should only work between players if they are not at the same table.

Yeah that’s something we’ll definitely offer in the HTML5 client!


Thanks for the mock-up, that’s useful. Agree that would be very handy! I’ve made a note now and will see what we can do.

As for sending a message when your friend’s at a different table, that’s an interesting idea. I’ll make a note of it now.

Excellent, thanks guys

I’d like to see the clocks for hand time be consistent throughout the site. A fast clock can be an unexpected, costly, and rude awakening, especially for the first person betting, or at the beginning of a game.

Is it there… it is consistent…

With all due respect, how does this pic with two arrows denote Hand Clock consistency throughout the site? It’s quite easy to see from playing, that the hand clock (the time you are given to play each hand) is indeed faster or slower for different games. Some games allow you more time to decide how to play each hand, before automatically folding, than other games allow. All I’m saying is that the “hand clock” should be the SAME for ALL games. That is the consistency I am referring to. Good luck at the tables.

Lightning bolt …
Highlighted, fast table
Faded, slow table

Dou you have problem choose them before you click?
With all due respect.


On a table recently, my time seemed to be about half that of other players Is this possible?

No, that’s not possible. All players are given equal time.

His first bullet would be awesome.

Could there also be a filter with all the hands we’re involved with in a given mtt or sng?
And/or an mtt and sng activity section in the dashboard and not just a ring game activity.
Finally could it be possible to customize the dashboard a bit? Say you could move sections, delete or add stuff etc.

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