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Good morning. Is Replay almost ready to implement a dedicated chat room open 24/7 where players can feel free to chat with each other with a little leeway given in not strictly adhering to the code of conduct like in the table chat.?

I would like to volunteer to moderate it since I have vast experience in this sector.

Sometimes people just like to shoot the breeze or vent.

I know the answer might come back that replay likes to keep discussions in the forums because that drives traffic to the site but the chat room creates dialogue also and sometimes can get brutal so this dedicated chat room medium will keep that part off the forum boards.

Thank you,

Chat room moderator
Craig lol


Our next meeting on suggestions and feedback is a bit away, but wanted to let you know it’s on the list to discuss. :slight_smile:

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Can be chat without moderators? I like freedom of speech.

Thank you Ash so that means months away correct ? :wink:

Our next meeting is sooner than that, but honestly, yep – anything that’s going to take development work has to be planned out, and we have some pretty big projects that are already underway. :wrench:

Other suggestions related to schedule additions and game types that already exist can be released much sooner if we think it’s a viable idea to be tested out.

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Ok I feel better now and so will the members of our community that read this.

The wrench was a nice touch lol :joy:


Greetings Brother Craig,
I think it would be a great Idea… But I have to tell you the thought that raced through my mind. Asking for / volunteering for the kind of abuse you’ll be in taking… You’ve either never been married or, you’ve been married several times like me… Personally, I’ve been married for almost 50 years now… it just happens to be with 7 different women :sunglasses:

Hahahaha, I hear ya brother but I look at it this way. After running one of the largest Marine Corps websites in the world with over 200,000 active members , forums and chat rooms , throw civilians into the mix it doesn’t get any brutal then that at times.

The key to it ? adjust , Adapt , overcome, be fair, there are always 2 sides to every story, don’t be heavy handed, the members police there own area and if you get a "time out " lesson learned and it least you can access other areas of the website like here, forums, poker, chat.

Lastly, delegate some members with the authority to keep it all civil lol

And that’s not the only site Hahahaha

I lost my “Players Rep” role because I wasn’t being an ambassador of good will in the forums with a member because I speak my mind but tactfully of course, things were said, now we have major respect
For each other, we agree to disagree which is a great foundation, and life goes on. Replay lost a good Rep as far as I’m concerned , no hard feelings and here I am as always willing to help.

A staff position would be nice thou. It’s s lot of work to start my own poker website but we shall see.


Will there be any considerations for a second chance ? ? ?


No, as far as I was told that role is not a good fit for me brother. I’m in communications with Paul ( Mr. Replay ) and options are still on the table for a staff position should the need arise.

I would rather see the chat room develop and thriving before I move on to option A. Staff position here, B . Develop another Poker Site independent of Replay or a sister site in conjunction with Replay as I own many Poker Domain Names because that is my business, creating domain names and website administration.

Either way I will always be here to play and volunteer my assistance if needed.

I love this site and business is business. Never any hard feelings. There is always room in this space especially the direction I would want my site to go but that’s enough about that.

Not here to promote anything except the community’s desire for a somewhat lenient chat room.

Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah, I agree with the foreign broad…

lol :joy:

checking to see if I can post

There is no way in hell Replay would have a chat room without a moderator!!

Sharon “smarty”, you can forget about a work on Craig’s site. Keep laughing and rolling eyes at me!

Wasn’t laughing at you was laughing at county29’s comment …Didn’t know Craig took orders from you , btw the whole comment about me being a Moderator on his "site " was all in fun … but he did say " hired " , so looks like I got the job.:grin:

You didn’t got job. I have a good staff already.

OK now I am laughing and rolling my eyes… you seriously need to chill .

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Let’s keep it to the topic of the Chat Room suggestion and avoid any unproductive call-outs of folks. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ash !

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