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Played in the ‘Grandaddy of them all’ last night for the 1st time under the mistaken impression any points earned would go towards the MTT High leaderboard. Shouldn’t points be given for this tournament??

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It’s a MTT with a 5 million chip buy in and it’s not ?

I thought it was. I would like to know this also


The high stake leaderboard takes into account all multi-table tournaments featuring a buy-in between 50,000 and 1,000,000 chips (inclusive).

So uhhhh, no … it does not.
It should , but then its more of an “elite” stakes, not “high” stakes… isn’t it ??

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Can someone tell me where you can see a place where there is a weekly, monthly telly of tournament points are shown
What happens with tournament points i know you get points after getting past a certain number when playing a tournament but what happens after that.
is there a weekly ,monthly or yearly list and are there any rewards for points earned otherwise what is the point of tournament points

What you want is off the “promotions” page … look for monthly leaderboards there… also promotional leaderboards… Also there is “Toplists” where basic weekly/monthly pts are.

then it should be fun to add an elite ranking too.

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