Fairly new to Replay have a suggestion

Thank you first for having this resource available. Whoever designed the layout and functionality did a great job. Takes lots of skill and motivation to do it and keep it running.

I found out that i’m quite chatty when i play and i type in the chat. Its great! Years of being silent whilst you play is dull. Did find about 50 % wanna 50% don’t. And i do understand it does require concentration.

Past 2 months I’ve met lots of great people who want to talk while they play. Sometimes not necessarily about poker etc. Those who don’t turn it off. That’s perfect.

There is a whole messaging system for email. If feasible, can we get get an instant messenger so we can con? You can only contact the person via this by both parties confirming for example. 1% of my time is looking at the dashboard and the rest on the various tables.

If someone’s not on a table playing you cant get hold of them other than the traditional email system. If, the instant messaging system isn’t possible maybe a notification etc?

I read some of the forum posts and most opinions point to this excellent resource being available for those who are casual players, competitive, semi competitive, come to chat hand around like minded people, grind, learn… and that’s a great thing. Simply put, a like minded web based community that love poker.

Met loads of funny, caring and nice people so far in a short period. Everytime though i cant message him/her and say instantly get your ass in this game and lets rake some chips in cause 1 of the admins are playing! (JOKING). We need explore the fact that to stand out in the crowd. Even as a community led poker site we need an innovative approach to communication.

Equal rights for those who like to talk!!! You can always mute me :smiley: :smiley: :dagger :slight_smile:

Also live music while on breaks please. :slight_smile:


LOL - I think several people have requested a “call to table” function. IMO, this would be a great way of letting your friends know you are around and there’s a seat waiting for them.

So glad you are enjoying the site. Maybe some people get jaded over time and forget how nice it was when they 1st discovered this place. Its great to see that same excitement in someone else as a reminder to the rest of us.


Beam them straight to the dollar! Doesn’t matter if they are on a table already lol. Now that’s a new way of surprisingly communicating with your mate, especially when he just hit quads and has put cards down yet. :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome to the site … I never shut up… so agree that no talkers make for a boring game


Don’t know if you play the SnG’s or not but people there are usually pretty chatty and friendy since it’s usually the same group of people who play them .


True dat…


Thanks Sharon! Tried the SnG’s this morning and everyone was much happier to chat :slight_smile:

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Great , maybe I will see you in a game there sometime.