Lifting of chat restrictions for players

I have been in the forums quite a bit lately and have had the pleasure of interacting with several Replay Poker frequent posters. It’s been quite an enjoyable read and experience. I have seen how we all can discuss various topics from different positions and still be cordial with each other and respect our differing opinions. The insight I gain on matters of moralities, ethics and just general ways players think about the game has helped me, more than any other form of communication in the poker community as a whole, understand the human side of this game we all love. I have also been involved in some pretty decent conversations about strategy with some guys and gals who think deeply about the game and I believe are 100% dedicated to improving not only their own skill set but the skill set of others in this shared community. I think above all other forms of study, communication with fellow players is the best way to learn and improve at the game. I can not possibly name everyone who I’ve gained insight from off of these forums as I’ve read through tons of postings. I will however name several that I’ve interacted with recently since I have begun to actually comment and start posting. @SunPowerGuru @WannabeCoder @puggywug @Maya @JuiceeLoot @love2eattacos @Tiggy and @Ilovecat. Thank you all, while we haven’t always agreed we have had civil conversation that I hope furthered our way of thinking. You are all appreciated. :slight_smile:

There is one player who right now has what I believe to be a permanent or lifetime ban on his chat at the tables. He’s very active in these forums however, and a delight to have contributing. I would like to petition the Replay Forum users to ask Replay support if there is anyway we can get them to see fit to give Ilovecat an opportunity to redeem himself at the tables by lifting this ban. I had previously thought that his actions at the table were so over the top that they might have had some sort of strategic purpose and through conversation with him I believe that to be true. He came here to us from another site where this sort of action was not discouraged and actively pursued by top players as a form of strategy. I also believe that his chat at the tables before he was muted are not really representative of who he really is as a person. I know he regrets things he said and would like the opportunity, to the extent he has means, to apologize to any and all players he has berated or harassed at the table. He doesn’t discount his deserving the limitations placed on him at the live real time tables but he has vowed to take a different approach if he got his chat back. He has remorse and a new attitude about how players should act and be treated at the tables.

Anyone agreeing with me have ideas about what actions we can take post in the comments.

Thanks again… Dayman
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Hi dayman,

Any player who has received moderation actions is welcome to contact support@replaypoker and put their case to the staff. This is a private matter between the player concerned and the staff and is not a subject for forum debate.