Make one open/free chat tab in rooms as "PUB"

People can share links to funny jokes, chat about poker and whatever more, like you seat in pub and chat with your friends.

I can imagine this in rooms , extra tab switch from room chat to “pub” chat, where different players at different rooms can chat.

Hi Marcipan,

I like the idea. It might result in some flooding though. I mean, it would be have a proper discussion on peak times as there might be a lot of players joining and talking.

What do you think ?

Cheers, Shake

There could be different pop up for global chat, it wouldn’t work in so small chat box imo.

Edit: There could be private channels too so you wouldn’t need to be in same table for private stuff (messaging is just way too hard to use). Maybe you could invite people from your friendlist.

Private chat need a time gap, prevent cheaters. Some good idea tho. Tx

You right about this, may have diff, example low stake or join the same rooms only , like London Bridge 1-2-3-4-5 or something like thet. Thanks commenting