I have a couple suggestions involving player contact

I’m new here and still trying to figure it all out. I’ve played on other sites and though I like this site I do have a couple ideas.

  1. I would like to be able to send a message with a friend request. The ability to introduce yourself.
  2. Create a section on players profile where they can upload pictures. Give the ability to restrict it to friends or make it public. It would be nice to store a few so you can change the profile picture directly from your profile.
  3. I like the idea of players helping each other but trying to have a conversation taking turns posting messages loses something.
    Right now there are 2217 players on line but only 1665 seated.
    Create a cyber cafe with instant messaging so people can have a place to hang and have a conversation.

While writing this I got a response from a moderator. I did a cut and paste. It shows how difficult it is trying to help anyone without being able to discuss it. This is a couple messages. The first one is on the bottom. The first moderator never responded. It’s taken all day and I still don’t have an answer.

It was not a problem it was part of the game.
It was part of one of the MTT series. I played so long going back and finding was impossible. I think the buy in was $1,000.
Thank You

On 11 Sep 16:57, lildevil109 wrote:

Moderators do not have the software to go back and research a problem. I will forward this to support and they will contact you. I would help them if you know the table name or tournament name and the time it started.


On 11 Sep 16:49, Bewitching wrote:

Earlier today I sent this to a different online moderator. He failed to respond. I still can’t find the answer.

I was playing in a tournament. Wish I could tell you which but I can’t find it.
Here’s the deal.

At the end of a hand some kind of Showdown happened. It was so fast I have no idea how to participate. No clue who won or what they won.
I asked the table but they were too busy to answer.
I spent a lot of time looking for the answer. I’m sure I just overlooked it.





I really like items 1 & 3.

Live Chat, Instant messaging, Cyber Cafe whatever you want to call it sounds like a great idea.

Item 3 is an idea I have been thinking about for a while. Never considered calling it a Cyber Cafe. My idea was simply have chat rooms, available to chat in real time or instant messaging etc. The messaging system on RP is good IMO but it is like snail-mail or email. Its a slow back n forth chat.

I would deff support & be interested in other players thoughts n ideas exploring this system.

I guess there are probably e few concerns & reasons RP would be reluctant & resistant to the idea. For one moderating the chat for this system could be tricky and an additional liability.

I agree that #2 could be a problem. I wouldn’t use. I use no social media.

It’s possible to use a MTT lobby for live chat if you want. Send your friend one message such as, “Metet me in the Angel of Mercy MTT Lobby,” or whatever tournie has started recently. Yeah, it’s not as good as an actual cafe, but if you want to live chat, it’s better than nothing.

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I too personally wouldn’t use it. I don’t use any social media. Too many players don’t even bother to use a pic for their profile. I get some specifically don’t want to use a pic, but I think many just don’t know how or care. Many players have completely blank profiles too.

It would take up space on RP servers for the pics too.

I do like #2 although I don’t think i’d ever use it. I don’t think it would be popular enough. Maybe a VIP account for those that want it to pay for it.


I cant help you out now, but in the future try replaying the previous hand. It can be done relatively quickly whilst you are playing after the hand is finished. Click the top left circle-arrow icon (replay previous hand) that is next to the $ buy chip icon. That will load the hand replay.

When you get time - usually after folding - you can watch the replay.

It can be extremely hard to find old hands in MTTs because the tables keep changing when required to re-balance. Even for RP to find the hand for you, you would need to provide a lot of information, like: accurate time, & table ID, Tournament ID players, pot size etc. Its kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack etc.

I think the MODs all have diff responsibilities & diff jobs etc. I know from experience it can be difficult getting pointed in the right direction. Be nice if all MODs accounts outlined what they can help you with etc.

There is a players helping players section on the FORUMs to post Qs & some players are sometimes helpful.

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You’re the Guru take the idea and run with it. Setting something like that up is well outside my skill set.

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REPLAY CAFE has a very good ring to it, That’s the best Idea here.

Friends think so?

This Would be a Great thing to do, Especially during Lockdown!

I can see #2 creating a storage issue for RP. Cloud storage comes with a price and this is a free site. A $1 or whatever donation from each member could solve that problem.


Same thoughts. Agree make it a VIP $$$ pay $$$ privilege.

Needs to be a demand & interest in this feature first to even consider it.

Replay poker already has live chat, it’s called the chat box. You don’t even have to be sitting at the table to use it, just need a live table and best of all, you can turn it off. Problem solved…

Yes but if your not in a game you can’t make new friends or communicate unless their your friend.

You don’t have to be in a game. You can communicate with any player at any table by typing to the chat box from the lobby. That way you can ask them to be your friend if that is what you desire. Try it…

I will. Thank You