Flaming in the August Marathon Finals?

How messed up do you have to be to:

  • Call people who earned an August Marathon finals “n00bs”, even though they earned a ticket.
  • Call someone bad at the game because they called your bluff because “I was making the right bet size to value bet trips”
  • Call someone else bad at the game after they win a hand with 35% equity, and then tell them to “go back to Mexico”.

I of course made a detailed report to the mods, and I hope they have the chat logs to see what happened.
I am absolutely appalled at this behaviour, and having this occur in the August Marathon finals is in my opinion a terrible look for such a prestigious event.

Perhaps that this is a strategy to gain an advantage by tilting opponents, and I must admit that as a result of this chatting I did let my emotions get to me, which affected my play, as well as my chatting. (I’m made comments such as “Look, I lost a flip against someone. Notice how I’m not flaming them?” which must have appeared awfully holier-than-thou to everyone watching, and I’m sorry if that affected anyone else’s mood.)
However, I think that poker should be a game where the advantage is gained by playing the right cards, making the right bets and folds, not a game where the advantage is gained by flaming opponents to try to tilt them. Especially for a tournament like the August Marathon finals.
I believe if you lose chips to someone because they’ve made a correct play against you, you should not have the right to flame them.
I also believe that if you lose chips to someone because they’ve made an incorrect play against you that still worked out in their favor, you also should not have the right to flame them.

I have a lot of the respect for the replay poker moderation team, and they’ve done a great job in the past when someone was repeatedly exhibiting bad behaviour in the Bankroll Builders.
I’m just making this post because I’m deeply disappointed to have experienced this in the August Marathon finals, after having spent many hours in the satellites to earn my final tickets.

Is this type of behaviour commonplace in big tournaments? I’m new to this site, (and new to poker in general), so I only have my two final tournaments to go off. One went along very respectfully, and one went like this.

I’ve played many freerolls, bankroll builders, and satellites in an effort to become a better player, and also win enough to participate in the bigger tournaments. However, if this type of behaviour is commonplace in big tournaments, Replay Poker is not the site for me.


Let’s not start another “I hate this guy and this guy hates me” fiasco please.


I’m not mentioning the person by name precisely because I don’t want to start drama, and I don’t want to be sending a mob at the person. The moderators know who the person is, and I don’t see the need to broadcast it in public.

This thread isn’t about the other guy. It’s about me. It’s expressing my feelings on what went wrong.

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In the first Final I attended, I will be the first to admit I got very lucky.
I doubled up many times early, and held the chip lead through most of the tournament.

There was one moment at the final table, where I started to lose my chip lead, but I made a big bluff that I’ve very proud of that propelled me way ahead. When I knocked someone out, they said gg.

I went into the heads up phase with about a 2.5:1 chip lead, and I felt very confident in my odds. I say my loss from that position was about 90% luck, 10% skill. They managed to double up after they tricked me into taking a shove preflop when I had only 40% equity. After that, the finals was decided by a pure flip.
Was I disappointed? Of course I was! I was hoping to get 1st. But 2nd is still great, and I hit them with the wp, because even though I blame the loss on mostly luck, they still outplayed me slightly, and that contributed to their win.

I identified leaks in my game, such as c-betting too small on flops, from playing this tournament against great opponents, and it was a great experience in general, which made me all the more excited to do my second final.
I think that just made it all the more disappointing for it to end like this, and I want to talk about it, because I’m really not happy with what just went on.

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@diraf , Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. As you said you reported/ handled the situation well. That IMO should the end of the saga and no need to complain about the situation in the forum. We have Great moderators, I would suggest, just let them do their jobs.

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If you made it to heads up in one of the Grand finals you played pretty darn well. In any large tournament you are going to have to win a few flips. In heads up the luck factor gets amplified alot. I have come back from a 12:1 deficit before, and I needed alot of luck but thats part of the game. You played really well and you are learning from it too. Thats a pretty good day plus the 3 million chips you won :slight_smile: As for the idiots making comments brush those off, sore losers won’t yell at themselves lol.

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Sorry if I caused any excess disturbance.

I’ve made a post in the forums because emotions were running quite high as I mentioned, and I wanted to feel heard.
You’ve stated repeatedly that Replay Poker has great moderators, and I’m not contesting you on that, since you know the site a lot better than me.

The thing is that after I made the report, I didn’t feel very heard. My experience with the moderation on the site is that I made a report, I just get silence. (And then a few weeks later notice that I don’t see the person I reported anymore, and if I look at their profile, I see they are gone.)

When I play other games and make a report to the moderator, often the moderator will get back to me with something like:
“Sorry to hear that happened. What that person did was not acceptable and I gave them a warning, if you continue to experience behaviour like this, don’t hesitate to talk to me again.” and that makes me feel a lot more reassured.

When I make a report on Replay and get silence, I have no clue where I am.
I have no clue whether the chat I consider unacceptable is considered unacceptable by the mods, or whether some amount of trash talk is standard and tolerated, or somewhere in between.
By posting on the forum, I’m hoping to get more information, such as on what the moderation policy is in regards to chat like this, and how it applies to big MTTs like this one. That way I can decide whether it’s worth continuing to play on this platform. And perhaps the helpful community here can maybe also offer tips on what to do when I get tilted in these situations. That’s also helpful, and these are the main reasons I made a thread on the forum.

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All that person or persons did was put you on TILT, you reported them for calling you a noob ( newbie ( not like they called you a profanity or made a death threat )and that was that. Now here you are with another complaint on the forums.

Some of us just don’t get you. Someone here once told me ( I’m not going to mention names but she knows who she is, “ it’s the quality of the posts , not the quantity “ I’ll never forget those words of wisdom.

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Just enjoy these new monthly Special Tourneys, another one will probably be coming up soon. I hope you agree, they are a lot of fun to play especially when you can make it to one of the Final Games.

Just ignore the chat box in these circumstances and bust them.

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I believe their actions were far more severe than calling me a noob.
You say

It’s not like they called you a profanity
yet I gave a specific example of a racist epiphet they used. (Well, at least according to Wikipedia.)

It is true. They did not make any death threats. Are you saying that any language short of a death threat is acceptable on this site?

Look, I’m not here to judge. I understand that you are American, and that as an American, you take your First Amendment right to free speech very seriously. Perhaps the culture of this site is that it’s permissible to trash talk freely, as long as it’s nothing seriously harmful, like a death threat.

I’m a newcomer here. I’m not going to be demanding culture changes to suit my sensitivities. As I stated above, I just want to figure out what the culture is here so I know if it is right for me. I understand that there is a large segment of conservatives in the United States who see nothing wrong with telling people to go back to Mexico. If you and the majority of the people on this site are of that stance, I don’t mean to though police you or anything.

If the sentiment is a very strong pro-free speech stance, where telling people to go back to Mexico is tolerated, I think it’s best for myself that I move on to platforms that are better suited for my sensitivities.
Given that you are a former RP Player Rep, and that you’re dismissing my complaint on that, I’m definitely getting the feeling that’s the sentiment here.
If so, I respect that. It’s just not an environment I want to be in.

I wish you continue to have fun on this site, like you have for many years.

That’s exactly why I won’t be providing a Poker strategy topic this week, must be brain fog but if it isn’t a quality topic I’m not going to post one, just to say I did.

Give it a rest will ya !!! Nitpicking everything is not the trait of a well rounded person not to mention a well rounded poker player. I am not the only one on the forums that feels the same way. If you’re not happy then play elsewhere.

So depressing. Be happy. Everyone tries to keep the forums a place for intelligent discussion and we try and pass on knowledge and good vibes.

Please try your best to be optimistic and don’t play the victim all the time.

Thank you and have a nice evening… if you can



Maybe U should work on your mental game? If players chat is upsetting you so much, then maybe get tougher skin like a :cactus:?

There is a lot of trolls on this site! Its just the nature of FREE poker!


I just wanted to offer some support.
It sounds like this person was really offensive and it is frustrating when you don’t know the outcome of the report and what will happen next. It makes you feel worried about the next table and how people are going to behave. I made a post myself yesterday because chat seems to be fairly quiet and/or supportive so I was surprised to have the experience I had.
Yours sounds much worse.

I suggest keep playing here, report any serious issue and use the report/mute/note tools to handle the odd random bigot.
You can mute a player in chat and leave notes for yourself on their profile so you can see if anyone has a yellow pencil mark on them when you join - check the notes and leave the table if they are an issue. Or mute them and enjoy your game. Trust the mods to handle it and give it some time.

If it happens all the time then for sure don’t stick around. I wouldn’t.
But I would hope the mods will deal with the “go back to…” comment pretty harshly.
Someone like this will certainly be racking up complaints about them if this is their normal chat behaviour.

Anyway, I just wanted to be supportive.
Replay is a great poker community in my limited experience so it would be a shame if you left over this.
Chalk it up to one idiot and give it some time?

Sometimes you just have to put on your big boy pants and grow some thick skin. Not condoning anything but if the player was trying to put you on tilt then they certainly succeeded.