Impatient and rude

I was playing a higher stakes table last night against some very high “ranked” players. I wasn’t ranked the highest, or the lowest but was competing the best I could not catching many cards. I finally caught something of good potential, and when my turn to bet came, I had a momentary delay trying make a custom amount from the slide bar.

Next I see in the chat, a player had written something like “c’mon and play”
and then “geez” after that. Now I don’t care for slow players either; but there are often connection issues and I know many folks play multiple tables; so I have NEVER written anything negative or low class like what was handed to me. In fact I choose tables based on faster games. I had had no delays in this game, and had to double check to make sure I was the one being called out. I didn’t say a word, and left the game (and Replay). I have been a member from way back, and never had issues with the loud mouth crass fools that play here. But the saddest thing had to be that this person ranked within the top 300 (approx.) of the site.
Not sure if I’ll contribute to the game any more; just wondering why jerks like this one , who’d had to have a LOT of hours playing, has been able to ruin other players’ games, and not get called out.

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Hi @11kasey

I totally agree with you. Players of all ranks can be rude or impatient sometimes, and for one reason or another, they can say something in the chat that would feel offensive and ruin the game for one or more players.

However, I don’t agree with you that it’s a reason to leave the game or Replay. I’m surprised that this has only happened to you this one time, but it’s something very frequent here, and has happened (and keeps happening) to us all at one point or another. You don’t need to be overly sensitive about what other players say to you, but if you get annoyed by someone who you think has crossed the line, you have many other options and courses of action to take than just quitting; you can always reply telling the person that you think they have been rude and crossed the line, and if not you always have the option to report them to Replay who always investigates reports of inappropriate chat and takes convenient actions whenever needed, or you can also just mute the person who is bothering you or the whole chat altogether, and continue your game peacefully without any further problems.

We all run across players who are angry at times or just plain rude, and feel offended by what they say, but we need to take the appropriate action instead of just giving up and leaving the game. That’s just my opinion.

All the best


Awhhh Kasey - I do so regret that you had such an experience…
Such impatient rudeness is the exact discussion we had here in the forum recently … Here’s the link

As you said - why haven’t they been called out? Maybe its because they are 'hit-and-run" rude, never giving the victims enough time to think of a good response that, in itself, would not be rude or violate Replay guidelines. Or possibly it’s their technique to rattle their opponents and folks just regard it as ‘part of the game’, part of playing the cards literally and the opponent psychologically…

Alternately, it may be rooted in the “I’m not a snitch” philosophy that says I won’t be the tattletale… After all, Replay has recruited Player Reps and Moderators to intervene in such situations when called upon. In addition, reporting players inappropriate chat is easily done at the table and remains anonymous.

After all, that sort of chat is strictly not permitted at a WSOP table… so why do we experience it here?!? Ultimately, I think it is simply a combination of all the above… and if there were enough PReps and Moderators for all tables… Geez!! What would that say about us, the casual or everyday player?

Wouldn’t it simply say that we, as a player community submit to these folks, or avoid resolution by not using our tools? So I congratulate you for speaking out on the Forum… another of our useful tools!!

Be assured that there are many folks who feel just as I do…and we will chime in and intervene when things start going awry. You have many allies in this regard! I certainly prefer using humor to diffuse situations, and I do report offenses when humor fails to quell the savage beasts!!

Take Care & Have a Great Poker Day!! Micki


Thanks Maya;

I’ve played the site many years; and yes I’ve had “chat fights” with a few. I’m reasonably ranked myself. I just find it difficult to put up with what I consider non-fixable stupidity and/or rudeness. Life is too short…

Good luck


So you have played on the site for years, and now, because someone said, “C’mon and play,” and “Geeze,” you can no longer play here? Really?

You have never said such things… so what? You do realize there are like 7 billion people on the planet, and all of them are slightly different? Do you really insist that everyone act exactly like you, and have absolutely no tolerance for other people?

Play your game within the rules and stop worrying about what other people think. Or don’t… your time, your choices. Those who choose to get upset over nothing are doomed to live unhappy lives. If you don’t like something someone says, mute them and get on with life. As you said, life is too short to waste it on petty crap that means nothing.


SP Guru;

If you are going to impart your worldly experience and wisdom upon me; perhaps you’d do me a solid and actually read the post. I never stated I “can no longer play here”. And I hardly think asking for some table courtesy is asking the other 699,999,999 folks on the planet to “act exactly like” me. Assuming your thoughts were intended to help; I thank you for that. If I struck a nerve, well…perhaps we both learned.



Thank you for the link, the hilarious response, and the insight. I often wish I was better at applying humor to incivility. It is a great asset, and you use it well. Good luck with the games.



You can rest easy. I assure you, no nerves were struck.

Glad you liked the “Best Chat” topic! I really liked NicUrChips response to the rude & impatient –

Could substitute:

  • Luge
  • Formula One Racing
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis

Sure Gets My VOTE!!! :star_struck:


I can understand you, Kasey, because such a rude remark for an occasional delay can be sensed as unjust, therefore can be very bothering. I am normally quick with my bets, but sometimes, for the one reason or the other, I happen to bet last second.
Once, I was urged with exactly the same words, including “geeze” (could it be the same, neurotic player? LOL), and the best answer I could find was: “Are you impatient to lose your chips? Don’t worry, it will happen soon enough.”
I think, though, that all of us should take with a grain of salt, or rather with sense of humour, an occasional expression of impatience or anger. A reiterated heavy harassment is obviously a different matter. I don’t know how often I’ve said jokingly to such nervous players: “Hey, a poker player is supposed to be cool and emotionless, at least apparently! Do smash something on the floor, and you’ll feel better!”

But you know what? Now I’m probably going to say something many won’t agree with.
I prefer to play with people who give some signs of life once in a while, even if not too polite, than in an atmosphere of absolute silence. I’ve played so many tourneys from the first table to heads-up without having seen a single word from my opponents, and I have always wondered if I had played with bots. LOL

May I ask you a question, Kasey? Why do you expect high-ranked players to behave better than low-ranked players? According to my experience, there are impolite and even vulgar players among the high-ranked ones, and low-ranked players who behave like perfect “ladies and gentlemen”. And obviously the other way round.


I have been playing Texas hold em for approximately 6 months. I have fun, enjoy friendly competition and am increasing my poker IQ here at Replay. When I come across these unhappy people who enjoy criticizing, I simply ignore them. Remember that most of the other people at the table disagree with their criticism and even if they agree with them they have too much class to disparage others who may be less experienced or are simply having internet/computer problems. Remaining silent and just going about your game will either silence those who like to criticize or sometimes so befuddle them in their thinking processes that can only be advantageous to others at the table. …Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me…lol. Something I learned at an early age but so true.


Someone has likely mentioned this and I missed it, but I’m too lazy to check the entire thread again.
You can MUTE a player at the table or the entire table, if you wish.
For an individual, click their name. Their name, player rank, and country’s flag will show. In the lower left of that image will be a “chat bubble.” Click that bubble to turn off their chat (at that table, only), and you’ll not hear from them again until you change tables.
To mute the whole table, look in the upper right for the table’s chat bubble. Click it and you’ll see no more chat (again, at that table, only).
I don’t know if either of these will work on a “spectator.” I hope that offers a quick option to silence the howling.


Impatience and rudeness really distracts from my focus. Winning includes studying the board and calculating odds. Slow players allow time to see coordinated boards that can work against you or to figure if a call is like playing a 1 to 5 shot at the track on a horse that is not a lock. Bless the slow players and don’t let the arrogant and nasty ones throw you off because that is their intention. Good luck.


You can always report them, support will look at what they do and how they do it.

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I am one who does not appreciate slow play. I don’t mind when someone occasionally takes extra time to make a play. What annoys me and what I find as rude is when a player uses the max time on every play from their first bet to their last on every hand whether they are calling, raising or folding. There is no reason for that. I now play only the games marked “fast” and am very happy with those games. The betting moves right along.


Sorry for asking, mjn61, but I’m curious. What would the staff have done if Kasey had reported that player for saying “c’mon and play, geez”? A warning? Muted him for a specific time? Or something else?
Personally, I don’t like the idea of making out of every (occasional, of course!) expression of impatience or anger an official affair, because we are all adults and can speak for ourselves, but this is just my opinion.
There is, though, another more general consideration that should be taken into account. The possibility of reporting another player is a “weapon” that can be also used improperly, and can create great resentments.
I have played here for one year and a half, mostly the same tourneys. I have observed that some players have their special “enemies”, often more successful at the games, and only wait for every false step they take to report them.
They even provoke them again and again with remarks that apparently don’t “cross a line”, until they finally get a rude reaction! Then, indignant, they would immediately involve the staff. But is their reason really the wish of impeccable manners at the tables or rather an insidious way to harm somebody they dislike?
The mods would only see a rude outburst of anger, but not the frequent provocations that have preceded it, often over several days or weeks.

I am tended to agree with golfman2233 on this situation. You get on some tables that are not even tournament tables and players do it. What for! To be idiots There is no position gained for delayed playing. You not playing to see how long you can hold out before being eliminated. You are there to play poker. I like having enjoyable games where people chat and the games moves along just great without anybody holding up the game. When it is done like golfman2233 says. It doesn’t matter what you even say to them (good or bad) they continue to ruin it for everyone else. Almost like they enjoy pissing players off.

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When a player is reported, staff looks at all of the chat, involvement of all the players, and the circumstances leading up to the chat. In other words, we do go back and look at what was happening that led a player to post their comments; and we look beyond the time to review what happens after the chat.

As you can imagine there are a variety of reasons for a player to become frustrated when playing poker! It can certainly be a frustrating game! Some folks are impatient, some need time to make a decision, some use the clock to annoy others, some are texting and playing and don’t notice the clock, some are having connection issues, and on and on.

We do not automatically moderate a player just because they have been reported. The resolution is based on all the circumstances, and staff members use their best judgment to determine whether moderation action needs to be taken or not.

We do encourage players to report others for this very reason. Staff can look at the situation in its entirety and come to a sound resolution.

Hope this helps!