Basic Aggression - Gotta Rant/Vent

Being a beginner, I try to keep my mouth shut most of the time :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:, and not vent or weigh in on too many things, especially if they are beyond my understanding. I gotta do a bit now, though, and am hoping I can get a little empathetic sympathy.

This has been said MANY times before, but why not again, I guess? Since when is betting and folding not a part of this game? Why do people get soooooo frustrated and offended with a little basic aggression? If you want to attempt to limp into a multi-way pot on every hand, be my guest, but I’m simply not going to allow it time and time again at the table at which I’m playing. I don’t want to constantly have 5 + players competing for bus fare in the middle. So, I do something about it. I don’t intend to sound cocky here; like I said, I’m a beginner (and quite frankly a very poor player if held to reasonable standards) and often get my ass handed to me by much better players. That being said, however:

I recently won a low stakes SNG. I tried to play a basic TAG style at this table, as it seemed to be effective. It’s not my fault if I’m getting dealt hot cards; I’m not gonna apologize for it! I’m going to bet for value on good hands and try to steal every damn pot I can, whether my opponents like it or not. Being aggressive and being a bully are not the same thing. There’s a difference between scratching your ass and tearing it to pieces. I didn’t suddenly jack up my opens to 10-15x bb or always bet the pot or more post-flop when I got a big chip lead; I just played aggressively because it was working to my advantage. God forbid I 3-bet a min-raise pre-flop when I hold AdKd IP.

2nd place said “GG” to 3rd place when 3rd got eliminated. I said “GG” to him/her as well. When I won I said “GG” to 2nd place and received no reply when he/she was still there. If you have good cards, re-raise me, trap me, throw some variation and balance into your games. How many times has a player like Steve-123, for example, robbed my stack and left me staring into space like a deer in headlights? People who have the goods need to stop being so afraid to try to do the same thing. And not get sooooo offended when you see it. It’s poker, not a dinner party.


Sympathy nothing - I’ll give you a big “amen brother!”


Your style seems normal and common, and if it’s working, I say keep playing it. But people have all kinds of different reasons for the behaviors they project, things like CONTEMPT, ( they think you got lucky & they are better) ENVY (they were butt hurt because you kept getting better cards) SORE LOSERS (they probably shouldn’t play completive games) DISCONNECTED ( they don’t know you & never chatted with you, but know the other person) BAD DAY (things just didn’t go right their whole day including poker) MUTED ( had a situation where they lost ability to chat for a period of time) DISTRACTED ( doing something else, watching TV, playing multiple tables or other games etc…) probably a dozen more reasons… Do Not Ever Let Others Effect You With Their Actions or they win the negativity game… I find that the more I chat the more the people around me chat, but there are still times I can’t anyone to say a word from start to finish of a game, I don’t think it should bother you just keep playing your game & throw out a nice comment or remark from time to time and don’t take it personally if they don’t congratulate, Let your game & winnings tell you the things you need to know!


I agree with @JuiceeLoot here. There are tons of reasons for people behaving the way they do. I have had more than my share of entitled, grumpy players being jerks to me. I mostly laugh at them. If I get a little steamed, I start singing this one from Bob Marley. You just can’t stop yourself from smiling so give it a try.



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Unfortunately, this is common. Some folks just don’t chat. Others have muted the table (that little chat balloon in the upper right of the table screen) or may have muted specific players at the table (click their name and the chat balloon in their profile box). Some don’t speak any language you have in common with them or they might need a different alphabet/characters. A few have had their chat permanently muted by the site. I’ve even made notes on some that never “speak,” but I seldom know why not. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Don’t take it personally. It’s a whole lot better than some other sites I’ve been to where foul names and accusations are common. Enjoy, good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Heh, I wouldn’t even worry about it on those SnG tables. Look at the Halloween promo leaderboards… Several of us at the top were running a shove/fold strategy on 3-6 tables simultaneously for 8+ hours a day.

Don’t worry about what others think; do whatever makes you a winner.

Yep! Unfortunately that’s what these promotions seem to encourage and reward: sitting on as many tables as possible for as long as possible and shoving and folding. Not playing good poker, not competing and winning, not healthy competition, just taking up as many seats as possible on multiple tables and collecting points by not playing.

Good for you though; if that’s how you can win, why not? You’re the ones getting the rewards at the end of the day. :wink:

It was more of a … get the chiplead early, then try and run the table…
I play’d alot of good poker, and it help’d me win the SnG monthly LB…
You can’t win that unless you have a good average finish…

Michael Phelps won how many :medal: in different disclipines… I bet someone said, thats not fair, I can only compete in 2 disclipines … Poker has thousands of ways to be play’d… One person’s creative solution, is another person’s cry foul… Thats the beauty of poker, so few rules… thats the way it should be… Whats next ??? 3 pair beats a straight, or 4 pair beats a flush ??? When a small group get a huge lead, its inevitable most of the rest stop trying to win … which is bass-ackwards… attack them.



While I LOVE Bob Marley, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was a number one hit for Bobby McFerrin who wrote it in 1988. Bob Marley dies in 1981. Impossible that that is Bob Marley singing it. Sorry. Rob

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You mean this one?


Just an FYI that the lack of reply at the end of the SNG didn’t actually bother me - it was more of an observation to note and share. I don’t take that stuff personally. I understand those sorts of things. The post was more intended to explain a particular playing method and to explain myself for how I responded to it. While there will always be things that frustrate all of us, this was something that did not seriously get to me as much as the post may seem, it was just a little light venting. Possibly get a little feeback or something! :slightly_smiling_face: Have fun!:spades::hearts::diamonds::clubs:


Nice find

Sarah, you and I will never agree on this. You seem to never even want to understand my point, and always reply with something totally irrelevant.
Competing in different disciplines is one thing, and sitting online at 6 tables at the same time shoving and folding and getting rewarded for it is something completely different.

I call it a loophole that screams abuse, and you call it a creative solution by a group of smart people.

I say it should be controlled by imposing rules that make the competition fairer for everyone (limit the number of tables played during a promotion at the same time to 1 or 2 per person), and you say it doesn’t matter what rules are imposed, the smart people will always find a way to cheat the system, and therefore there should be no rules.

I say those who sit at 6 tables ruin the competition for others by playing very slowly at all tables and not actually playing poker (just folding and shoving to collect points isn’t poker), and you say I’m only crying foul because of their smart and creative approach that puts them in the lead of a poker board by not having to play poker.

It’s very obvious that we have different views on this issue and neither of us will convince the other, so let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Maya, if you are so passionate about better promotions, please start a deticated thread, and I promise you, we will agree on more things than you currently believe we do. But should that rule be implemented you also have to limt total hours per day played … to the LCD of hours play’d … for the whole playerbase, and I suspect Replay would never add that restriction…

Please tho… don’t blame the messanger… blame the message.

I did that already, remember? Royal Royale Promotion - Feedback

Again, you reply with something totally irrelevant. I have talked about 1 issue, and suggested a solution for it. No need to drag irrelevant other issues into that. The number of hours played per day doesn’t affect the game for everyone else. If someone has 20 hours free per day, they can play for 20 hours, they wouldn’t annoy anyone by doing so. But someone who plays at 6 tables at the same time, whether for 1 hour or for 8 hours, slows down the game for everyone at all 6 tables, and less people will be interested in joining the game because of it.

It’s very simple and straight forward. Nothing to do with other irrelevant issues that nobody complains about.

Picture this: A pub offers a contest, puts 5 barrels full of fish, and says the person who gets the most fish in the next 24 hours wins a prize. Many people come to compete, some of them can catch many fish in no time, others can catch fish but will need to play for longer, but there is this one guy, who thinks he’s smarter than everyone, who comes and puts one hand in a barrel, the other hand in another one, one foot in another, the other foot in another one, and his head in the 5th barrel. Is that illegal? not according to the current rules. Is that fair? Well ask the others contestants who are either leaving or no longer interested in the competition.
You call this behavior smart, and I call it out for being annoying to others. It could be solved very simply by adding 1 simple rule: 1 barrel per person. He could stand there for the whole 24 hours, he would be standing by 1 barrel and others would have the chance to enjoy the competition.

I don’t know how much clearer I can be. This has nothing to do with how long each player can play, nothing to do with Michael Phelps, nothing to do with 3 pair beating a straight and 4 pair beating a flush, and nothing to do with dolphins, seagulls, rain forests, or global warming.

Anyway we already had our answer from Shakeraise and no need to keep beating a dead horse. I just voiced my opinion (and that of others who complained the same way at the tables) about a very specific issue in a very specific situation (only during promotions), and I stand by it.

I did not notice my mistake untill re-reading my post
The Halloween Harvest did not cross to monthly SnG.
It was another promotion I play’d that help’d there.
I am in error, and I regret my mistake …

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Just a quick note on not replying…According to Miss Manners, and I quote “no one on the internet is under any obligation to respond to anyone else”

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For sure! Agree 100%.

Oops - well doesn’t that just invalidate my whole point? Well, maybe not. Good catch though - maybe you could look over the Joke of the Day thread. There are some really funny jokes with misspellings. :wink: