Charming attitude

I was recently playing at a table, game had just started, I was getting terrible cards so most of the hands I got I just tossed them in. I was playing a game I’d never played before. Most of the hands people bet all in. If they lost they automatically get more chips until your reserve ran out. I hadn’t realized this until a little later, but early in the game. I thought I was playing the standard holdem. I finally figured out what the heck was going on. So, I finally got a decent hand. Made my all in bet and then out of nowhere this player started giving me a ratio of s***. Calling me stupid names. I didn’t know he was addressing me until I asked him. He said I’m talking to you. I was thinking what the heck is wrong with this player. He kept it up so I told him to grow up and with the way you’re playing you’d get smoked in real poker. I probably should of not responded, but I was not exactly happy with this kind of attitude on a free poker site or any poker game real or otherwise. I can’t believe this site allows this kind of attitude. Anyone else run up against this? I didn’t catch his playing name. I wish I had. Sorry about the long post.


An excerpt from the Community Playbook: Community Playbook - Replay Poker

Chat and Personal Messages

Keep it friendly on and off the tables! We encourage you to get to know other players on Replay Poker, and some good-natured competitive chat is always welcome. However, it’s important that you’re cordial to other players, and avoid the following:

  • Rudeness of any kind, including vulgarity, trolling, impatience, spamming, site bashing, aggressive use of all-caps, or insults.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia, or any targeted hate speech or slurs.
  • Religion and politics. These are sensitive subjects that often lead to conflicts. Keep these discussions off the tables.
  • References to the cards you hold in an active hand, cheating, collusion, criminal activity, or advertisements.

Make note of the hand # or save the hand and send it to Replay Support and they will look into it. Hope that helps.


Hi ddaafternoons,
I am sorry you have experienced such bad sportsmanship, and I can assure you Replay does not allow this, providing they know about it!
Please send a message to letting them know the tournament/table you were playing in, also the time and date and they will look into it. It is only by reporting this sort of behaviour that they can take any action on it.
I wish you better luck and more sporting games !


It’s sad when this happens. I’ve certainly seen one rude bingo player today so far in a Freeroll Omaha tournament, all of us at the table witnessed it and I reported them. See what happens, doubt anything will, but I usually just mute them. I agree that we shouldn’t have to put up with any such nonsense on this website, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in, idiots exist, and they like to proudly display that. They’ll get banned eventually.


Find a Moderator at the bottom of the lobby or if you have friended someone we cane take care of it.


hi beereagle69… If you send me a friend’s request … I can invite you to play inn the forever phill league… our requirements is you bring a good attitude…


Hello. Thanks for the info. But, it was a couple of days ago and I don’t know how to go back and retrieve the game.

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Was it a ring or tournament?

@ddaafternoons , very sorry you had the bad experience. If this occurs again try & get a screen shot of table for memory & copy/ paste chat box, and send info to
GL at the tables & I hope you will always have fun my friend!!!

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If it occurs again, just note the Hand number which is noted in the upper Left corner of every game. If you’re in an MTT game and you happen to be transferred to a new table then your solution is to note your current Hand Number. At a later time go to the Search Glass icon at the top of most pages and enter the Hand Number and use the “Prev” Hand option and it should work.


That’s okay. As people have noted you can make note of the hand or even replay the previous hand by clicking on the turn symbol (top left corner of the table you’re playing) and have the hand repeat and save it from there) if the situation should arise in the future. You can also, access your past 200 hands in the drop down menu beside your avatar (top right corner of your dashboard) under hands.
Alternatively, you can warn the player of your intent to report him should he persist or you can simply mute him by clicking on his avatar which will bring his profile up in chat and you can mute him from there.

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Hi @ddaafternoons,

So sorry to hear you experienced that. We already have very good responses here from fellow players, but I just want to add that we don’t allow that kind of behaviour. We’re a small team so we can’t actively monitor each table, but we ask that you report the player so we can take action on it. I know you can’t always report while playing, but please notate the username and report as soon as you get a chance.


This site doesn’t allow this kind of behaviour. Completely the opposite in fact! If this player continues this kind of “charming attitude” and players keep reporting it, they will soon be muted permanently.

The problem is players need to report it. If you, and other players don’t report it than nothing will get done to moderate this behaviour, and it will just continue.

Same as the law enforcement & police are not able to monitor every street, house, building for criminal activities so too RP doesn’t have the ability to monitor every sing table and chat across the entire site 24/7.


If/when it happens again click on the loud mouth’s name at the table which will cause it to appear in the chat box. Click on it in the chat box and it will open their profile page. On the right side of their profile page, just below their ranking info, is the (ADD AS A FRIEND / REPORT PLAYER) button. Click that, give a hand number, tell them what loud mouth is up to and Replay will deal with it.
Usually Grapevine takes them to the woodshed… dont ask how I know… I just do… right!! :newspaper_roll:


Thank you. I will do that next time. I normally wouldn’t mind a bit of ribbing, but this person was over the top. Thanks again.


Yes I have run into this. I have had my life threatened.

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That would almost certainly constitute in a permanent ban for the offender.


something similar. someone got on my case for not betting. I was (kind of) playing in the background, not totally involved, but not causing a delay; just doing my thing+/-. I was unsure if the person was talking to me, initially

Just click on the player and pull up the profile and report the player with a short reason why. They are usually very good about taking care of it.


Why dont you just stop being a baby